Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home : The joys of homeownership

Homeownership ? Is that a word !? Oh well :)  Charles and I own 2 houses.  We live in one (smaller house 2 bed 2 bath) and we rent out the larger one (3 bed 2 bath and bonus room) which we will move into once we have a family (and then rent out the smaller one).  haha Hope I didn't confuse you too much on that !

                                       Here's our house :) Isn't it precious !?

 But you know what's not precious ... sunfaded faux shutters and front door :(  We adore the sunlight that covers our home but it often puts a toll on your property.  Our neighbor is trying to sell his home and it's the exact same color as ours.  While over at his home this weekend I complimented his shutters and door.  He then said "well I've still got almost a full gallon of the paint, would you like to borrow it ?"   Free paint !? Yes please :)  Then I went on and said some silly comment like "if our property looks nice on the outside too, I'm sure it will help yours sell faster !"  Yeah, Kim "the dork" comes out ... So I went to Walmart, got some supplies and went to work !

                                             Freshly painted vs Sun faded

       Welcome to our home :)

  Much better :) Thanks for the paint neighbor ! 

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