Thursday, August 15, 2013

Growin' like a Weed: 9 Months

Height: 26 3/4"
Weight: 15lbs 8oz

Likes: Brooke officially LOVES LIFE! haha Okay I know that sounds odd but really, at 9 months a switch flipped and this sweet child is RARELY fussy about anything!  She plays well, eats well, and sleeps well... Our hearts are bursting with love, joy and gratitude for the amazing blessing she is!  Brooke loves to crawl (real crawling now) and pull up on everything! She still LOVES anything soft, especially pillows and soft blankets or stuffed animals, she's a hoot!

Dislikes: Hmmm being still for a diaper change?  She wants to roll over and start crawling up the table to get to the wipes/lamp.  She still doesn't like to get clothes on (something about pulling a shirt over her head or over her arms really ticks her off!). Ahhh yes, and getting her hair rinsed in the bath... that will set her off! We haven't gone on a longer drive lately so I'm not sure if she still despises the car.  She's amazing, very little she dislikes right now (and we're sooooooooooooo thankful!)

Sleeping: Pretty darn good! An average of 13-14 hours a day (3ish hours napping - 2 naps, and 10-11 hours at night). She had a few days where she skipped naps/took short naps/woke up playing/singing in the middle of the night but now she's good!  She likes to sit up and pull up in her crib now (yes, we lowered the mattress).  She has a little travel pillow tucked into the corner of her crib and her beloved TEDDY!  We really should buy a 2nd one, though she's great at letting me wash him.  It's adorable how she sings to herself to get to sleep... she's amazing!

Eating:  Three meals a day and nursing every 3 hours!  Exact same as last months post! She's great at nursing, feeds herself finger foods. Meal time is awesome, really the BEST time for me to get stuff done because she's so good at feeding herself! She can hold her sippy cup and drink out of it by herself, hold her pouch, and even share! haha she offers us food, puts her hand in our mouth and then takes it out and eats it herself!  We also learned she can drink through a straw and blow bubbles! We were all belly laughing!

Playing: Brooke loves to play with toys that shake/make a sound or something small she can hold on to.  It's normally Puppy, her little shaker ball, or a tiny wash cloth that goes with her dirty puppy toys that she holds/tries to hold everywhere she goes.  She likes to crawl/pull up on everything, especially Momma and Dad.  She will look at the TV a little bit if I have something fun on, but prefers music.  We also found out she really likes the pool (big pool or baby pool) regardless, you have to be in there with her for it to be fun :)  We absolutely LOVE watching her learn and grow!