Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Growin' Like a Weed: 10 Months


Likes: Playing with her toys in her toy box, ANYTHING SOFT (pillows, Teddy, Puppy, Teddy Bear, the caterpillar at daycare, blankets) it's hilarious how much she loves soft objects.  She also started pointing at everything and will basically show you exactly what she wants to do next.  Brooke also has started to say a few words!  We officially and accurately have MaMa, Dada, papa, book, ball, truck, uh oh, uh oh dada, byebye, and hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... it's pretty adorable and AMAZING to hear her ask for things!  Brooke really likes animals!  She's never met a dog or a cat she doesn't love and try to chase after!  She adores their wet kisses and just wants to crawl all over them and squeeze them (note, we don't have pets so we have no clue where her love and fascination for animals comes from).  Brooke likes being outside and looking at the rain and laughing when it thunders.  She's fearless! She's strangely fascinated with her Scooby Doo book right now.  Seriously chick points to it EVERYTIME we ask her what book she wants to read!  Between that and Baby's Goodnight Blessings Flap Book, that's all we read!  She's great at turning the pages and pointing to the flaps in the book!

Dislikes: Getting her hair washed/water in her eyes. Or really taking a bath in general :(  She's not a fan of being alone.  There are some days, okay, MOST DAYS she'll erupt if we're out of sight.  Sweet girl also has had trouble napping lately and has to be held to sleep (and then will only nap 30 minutes).  I guess she's just so excited to play and learn she can't wind down to rest.  She also doesn't like getting her hands and face wiped off after eating.  The car... STILL!  

Sleeping: Most days are great!  Normally an hour nap in the morning and a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon and 11 hours and night!  Yes, we wish she would sleep in on the weekends but we really can't complain.  She's been waking up for about an hour in the middle of the night again, which is really annoying, but she puts herself back to sleep after she's done playing, singing, pulling up and cruising on her crib and yes, fussing.  

Eating:  Brooke LOVES food! She's a great eater and really enjoys meal time! From chicken to peas, this child eats a variety of foods and has yet to have a reaction.  I can't recall the last time I fed her from a spoon.  She is so good at self feeding and rarely makes a mess!  After she finishes the food on her plate, we wipe off her hands and clean up, when we pick her up we look together to see what food dropped in her seat and she has a 2nd meal! haha she loves eating the few pieces she let slide past her hands!  Brooke holds and drinks well from her sippy cup and a straw!  She learned how to blow bubbles in my cup and drink from a straw very well.  She can also play a "harmonica"! Still nursing every 3 hours during the day and none at night. "Aunt Flo" still hasn't come to visit me either... 

Playing: Once Brooke is fed and rested, she's ready to go! She always enjoys climbing up to her toybox and picking out her favorite toys (it's normally a tiny washcloth, a blue wooden ring, or a small plastic smiley face shaker ball).  Brooke loves to keep something clenched in her right hand.  She enjoys crawling and pulling up on everything, clapping, singing, and holding our hands and walking around.  Brooke isn't very shy in unfamiliar places. Though she does fuss when we drop her off at "school" or the church nursery (for 30 seconds or so). She loves to be tickled or thrown on the couch.  Brooke enjoys making funny faces in the mirror and any toy that makes a noise. She likes playing fun games Daddy makes up and likes it when he wrestles with her and tosses her around.  Brooke still loves to go outside and watch the cars, trucks, busses, and lawn mowers in the neighborhood.  I feel like the unofficial welcoming committee, because we're always waving at people!