Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 3 Months

Height: 22" 
Weight: 12lbs 8oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held... still! Welp, not much has changed! "My new extra right arm is my beloved Baby K'tan Active wrap.. she still spends pretty much the ENTIRE day in it!  That's okay though, I kinda like her!  Charlotte has found her voice!!! She coos and giggles... it's pretty much adorable! Oops, how could I forget... her hand :( Yep, ladies and gents, I hate to say it but I think we mayyyy have a thumb/hand sucker on our hands!"  She is a fan of hit pitched baby talking and relaxing in the bath tub.  Girl has got it made!

Dislikes: HER CARSEAT, STILL! She gets a little bit distracted between Brooke and Taylor talking to her, or playing with her little elephant toy.  She also seems to not like her paci anymore, like she's totally fine without it. Still praying she doesn't turn into a thumb sucker.  Oh yes, the combination of Brooke, being affectionate and loud in her face is toxic. Instant tears. 
Sleeping: Napping pretty good in her crib, 3 naps a day, and 4 if she needs to catch a late/pre-dinner extra nap on me, or if we're out an about and she catches a short nap on me at the park.  She isn't swaddled and is a pretty chill baby.  Her naps are not long, but she seems to be content with what she gets.  Bedtime fussiness IS getting better (thank you Lord).  She's still doing the same, sleeping from 7-12 then waking to nurse and I head to bed/throw her in the nursery twin bed beside me.  I kinda love it.  I am well rested and so is she. Win, win. 

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand. Eat, play, sleep schedule most of the time.  She rarely, if ever, spits up and seems to be gaining plenty of weight.  She's so funny, like she is getting to the distracted age, and studies the room before she nurses, like okay Ma, are we in my room, the living room, back room, outside, van, church.  She's also gotten into the habit of "hitting me" when she's nursing, like she take her arm and whacks my chest, haha in a loving sort of way, not angry.

Playing: Charlotte is getting a lot more content at not being held.  No, we're not to the level of chilling in a carseat at a restaurant or anything crazy like that.  But I CAN leave the room for 2 minutes to pee and she doesn't freak out (like Brooke did). haha I often forget tummy time, but she seems to be strong. I need to get better at letting her lay/play/explore.  I'm PARANOID at the whole flat head/helmet movement.  I think that's why I wear her so much and don't have her in a stroller/seat.  She likes me holding her facing out and dancing around.  She's a really happy baby and so very adaptable!  

Big Sisters: We're still trying to get a feel for her primary name.  I'm 90% Charlotte.  Charles is 75% Charlie. The girls seem to be 75% Charlotte Gray.  I think she's just going to grow up answering to any or all of those!  Brooke has truly rose above and beyond.  She is SUCH a good helper and absolutely LOVES it when Charlotte smiles at her.  Brooke always rushes in to her room to see her when she wakes up in the morning.  She loves getting her "first smiles" of the day and feels very proud to hold her little sister.  Taylor will sit on her every now and then, shake her play gym violently above her head, try to put toys in her mouth and attempt to pick her nose, THEN proceed to sweetly chant "Charlotte Ga-Ray" in a super high voice and say "I YOVE YOU"!  Brooke and Taylor are playing together a lot and having a blast!  Thank you Lord for our sweet girls! I pray they grow closer and closer each day!