Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 2 Months

Height:22.25" (24%)
Weight: 11 lbs (22%)

Likes: Little Miss really likes being on her back playing on her activity mat.  There's a stuffed elephant with two rings on it that she bats at.  Chick will lay there and kick/wiggle for a long time without fussing!  So far she likes to NOT have a schedule! haha She nurses at different times each day, wakes up at different times, naps at different times... UGH! For this control freak of a momma, it's been "fun" letting go and seeing what works best for our little ladies! 

Dislikes: Still bedtime.  She still fusses and randomly nurses every 30 minutes or so until she finally conks out. It's really the ONLY time of the day or night she fusses but Taylor is REALLY loud!  I guess it's just frustrating because we want to know how we can make that time sweet and calm and peaceful, and we can't!  I say her prayers over her at night and she's in my arms wailing! haha Taylor also dislikes loud noises.  Yes, mainly BROOKE! haha Brooke is SUPER loud and does this annoying little high pitched voice and it drives me, Charles and Taylor crazy! haha it's sad but Taylor cries every other time Brooke gets close to her :( Hopefully big sis will learn how to be gentle soon! 

Sleeping: Well!  She doesn't fight her swaddle much any more, since we're using our one and only Miracle Swaddle blanket.  You can tell she doesn't want to be swaddled, but she sleeps so well, so we're stayin' with it.  Anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours awake time during the day then same amount of her nap.  She takes anywhere from 3-5 naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night.  She is so inconsistent on when she wakes up it's not even funny. It's frustrating! haha but once again, she's sleeping WORLDS better than Brooke did, so I'm not complaining!  

Eating: No more huge spit up episodes! Yay God!  Just your average excess every now and then.  Taylor seems to be nursing really well and gaining A LOT of weight!  She has recently started nursing every 3 hours during the day and that's REALLY great! She still won't take a bottle, but I haven't had Charles try, and I'm not really trying either.  I am pumping more now.  It's fun to see the little bags start filling up in the deep freezer! Also another trait like Brooke... if she's not hungry, she doesn't want to eat! Not comfort nursers here! 

Playing: Taylor loves looking at us and smiling! It's so cute to see her try to laugh.  She's also starting to coo and talk! Her favorite places are the changing table, activity mat, rainforest bouncy seat and your arms or legs with her looking at you.  She's becoming more alive and filled with a precious personality every day and I LOVE IT! 

Big Sister: Hmmm this month is all about noise and personal space.  Brooke is LOUD and Taylor doesn't like it and Brooke is ALL UP IN HER BUSINESS and Taylor doesn't like it! I hope Taylor gets used to it or I hope Brooke chills out.  It breaks my heart to keep telling Brooke to calm down or step back.  I don't want her to NOT be a child, just not be an annoying one to her sister! haha Brooke is REALLY good at playing by herself when I'm putting Taylor down for a nap.  Chick plops down on Big Teddy and starts "reading" books.  When I get back she'll have a stack of 10 books that she's read and a lot of times she's even gone potty by herself.  She's independent and I love it!  The draw back of her being at home with me is starting to show. I'm not sure if it's her age or if it is being at home more, but she does not like to play with other kids.  We really need to enroll her in preschool and snap her out of that.