Monday, April 15, 2013

Growin' Like a Weed: 5 Months

Height: 24in
Weight: 12lbs 5oz

Likes: MOMMY... still a Momma's girl!  She even say's "Maaaa, Mommmmm" when she's fussing! haha Yeah, we know she's not really calling for me "by name" but it really sounds like it some time! Brooke's new favorite thing is sitting up! She can sit up alone for around 20 seconds at a time so we are sure to stay close to her.  She LOVES playing in her exersaucer and singing/talking :) It's hilarious to hear her "chat" to herself and us!  She also found her feet and enjoys playing with them.  They still haven't made it in her mouth.  B also enjoys walks and being outside! We are very thankful for this because the weather is so nice!
Dislikes: Tummy time :( Chick still doesn't really love to be on her belly.  She's not interested in rolling over either.  Some days she is great and plays a long time on her tummy, but that's rare. Brooke is not a fan of 6-7pm... haha really, most days she's SUPER clingy and fussy during  this time unless she is distracted or simply having a great day with good naps. Oh yes, and Brooke doesn't like saline drops and her snot being sucked out.  Poor thing... daycare = constant congestion.

Sleeping: BROOKE IS AMAZING! She can self soothe, sleep without being swaddled or a blanket, she can still sleep if her paci falls out/music turns off!  All in all, we are SO BLESSED to have a great night sleeper! She is normally about 11 hours at night at 4  or so for naps during the day.  (2 short morning naps and a longer 2 hour afternoon nap, and sometimes a nap at 5pm).  We still pray every night that she sleeps through the night and doesn't wake up until 7am.  She has been waking up at 6 instead of 7 lately.  But she plays/sings in her crib until I come and get her.  She doesn't nurse at night anymore either.
Eating:  Still nursing about 5 oz every 3 hours.  We started introducing solids a few days ago.  She didn't like being fed from a spoon, she doesn't like "chunks" of food (banana - rice size pieces) that gets in her mouth when she sucks on food, she likes to use the mesh fresh food feeder and eat bananas!  We do about a 1/4 of a banana a day.  I'll probably try avocado soon.  She also really likes pork! haha I was eating a piece of pork I grilled for shiskabobs and she kept trying to eat it, so I held it in my hand and let her gnaw on it.  She loved it and I let her do it 2 more times the next two days.  It was really cute!
Playing:  She's  GREAT at entertaining herself most of the time.  Other days she wants your undivided attention.  She's always grabbing at our faces and inspecting our eyes, nose, and mouth.  She's very good at intimating noises and making funny facial expressions.  She also started laughing a lot... it's hilarious to hear her precious little chuckle!  Brooke is also pretty good at playing in her walker.  Most of the time, she simply enjoys laying on her back and playing with her feet! She cracks us up!

Brooke Grayson, we love you so much!!! Seriously, we can't imagine life without her! She is a blessing and our little sweet love!