Saturday, January 19, 2013

Growin' like a weed: 2 months

Height: 22 1/4 " (50%)
Weight: 9lbs 9oz (19%)

Likes: Being held… Still. Haha but she’s getting better at sitting independently.  She LOVES activity time on her play mat, especially the bug that plays little melodies and bird noises that Grandma Barrett got her! She is SUPER STRONG and loves to stand with no help and very little support from us, I think she’d really enjoy an exersaucer or jumperoo thing but she’s too tiny. She is a big talker and LOVES to eat her hands… oh yes, and drooling, she’s GREAT at blowing bubbles and drooling!

Dislikes: Daytime naps. Some days it’s a struggle to get the girl to rest… UGH! And she doesn’t like to be swaddled, but can’t sleep if she’s not swaddled. Dilemma. Haha hopefully we can wean her off of the swaddle sooner than later! Note to self, NEVER SWADDLE ANY OTHER CHILD WE HAVE, LET THEM LEARN TO SLEEP WITHOUT IT. She doesn’t like getting out of the bath/getting dried off and changed.  She loves being naked though!

Sleeping: Ehh daytime naps, as I stated above are hit or miss.  She sleeps the best tummy to tummy on me, she gets the occasional weekend long naps/snuggles with Momma. At night, she’s great! Anywhere from 5-10 hour stretches J She wakes up at most 2 times a night (1am and 5am some nights) but mostly just once at 3am and then like clockwork at 7am.  She’s a wiggle worm! We put her in the middle of her crib at night, and she ends up way at the end in the corner… swaddled!? Yeah, she’s something else!

Eating: Still doing well breastfeeding. She can take bottles and is really cute when she eats from one!  It’s hard to do anything else when I’m feeding her, she gets really distracted! So I have to look at her, talk to her, hold her close, or else she’ll totally forget what she’s doing and want to play. She eats really fast, like 10-15 total, with burps.

Playing: She’s so strong and fun! Wiggles her arms and legs on the play mat, bats at toys and grabs the rings attached to the bottom of them too! She loves looking at the mirror on the top of her mat.  It’s really fun to have conversations with her :) Mornings are her best playtime.  She definitely a morning person!  She doesn’t love to play on her tummy as much anymore, anytime she does she’s really more interested in sucking on her hands than rolling over like she used to.

Growin' like a weed: 1 Month

Height: 20.5" (53%)
Weight: 8lbs 5oz (45%)

Likes: Brooke really likes being held and moving.  It’s not enough JUST to be held sometimes, and sometimes rocking isn’t enough! She wants you to walk, and bounce and pat her booty.  Haha I blame this on me being exceptionally active my entire pregnancy… Zumba twice a week for 40 weeks, yeah, all my fault!

Dislikes: THE CARSEAT/CAR RIDES! Oh my gracious… bless her precious little heart. This was TORTURE going to Thanksgiving! We had to stop and pull over to calm her down.  From shaking the carseat, to a white noise machine on our phone, I even had to talk to her for what seemed like FOREVER one time to keep her distracted enough to tolerate the ride!

Sleeping: She’s never really been bad at sleeping.  She didn’t like to be swaddled at first, and now she does. She can’t sleep unless swaddled.  At night, she’s pretty good! Anywhere from 2-5 hour stretches at the moment.

Eating: She’s soooo good at eating! We had to get her weight rechecked at the doctor’s office because they thought there was no way she could have gained that much weight that quickly. That’s where she got the nickname “Pud” when we burp her by sitting on our thigh she looks like a chubby little curmudgeon and it made me think of the saying “What’s my name, Pudentain, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.” It stuck… she’s our Pud!

Playing: She’s soooooooooo alert! Wow, some days she doesn’t want to nap, and we get worried that she’s not getting enough sleep because she wants to be awake and take it all in! She’s YET to fall asleep without being held. She won’t fall asleep in a swing or bouncy seat, she’ll just look around.  She’s very strong! Great head and neck control since day 1.