Sunday, March 26, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 5 months

Height: 24 1/4" 
Weight: 14lbs 3oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Rolling. But only back to tummy, she can't do tummy to back.  She also LOVES pulling at my hair while nursing.  Sucker will wrap her little claws around my hair and tug, it hurts! Charlotte is a big fan of sitting up now, but she's still wobbly. 

Dislikes: Being in the car for a prolonged period of time (unless it's bed time, then she'll conk out).  She also doesn't like rolling onto her tummy and getting stuck.  It's IMPOSSIBLE to get much done because she keeps getting stuck on her belly! Brooke being all up in her face ALL.THE.TIME.  More about that later, folks. She's a pretty amazing little one, there's not much she doesn't like!

Sleeping: Naps, eh. Normally 3-4, 45 minute "crap naps" as I call them.  Every now and then she'll take a good nap 1.5-2ish hours, but that's rare, folks. She always wakes up happy though! Brooke rarely woke up happy :(  She loves getting ready for bed now and nurses like a champ.  She still wakes around 12 and maybe 4am to nurse.  I've found she'll fall back to sleep without nursing sometimes if I just lay her in bed and put my hand on her.  She's surprised me and slept in her crib a lot more!   

Eating: Nursing like a pro! Her favorite way to eat is laying down. It's precious, and comfortable... I love it! I'm not pumping, she normally eats well so I'm not engorged.  I've never felt like she's not getting enough and she rarely spits up.  She truly is a dream in this department!  Charlotte has been reaching for my food A LOT lately.  I'm a little bit nervous about food. A) it makes her poop stink B)More work for me to prep baby lead weaning type foods or purees. Oh well, one month to go before I jump into that. This is my 3rd kiddo and they've all survived (as have we). 

Playing: I'm basically holding her all the time (helping her sit, helping her roll over, holding her at dinner, holding her while we walk/go places).  She plays but not really.  She definitely likes sitting/being held the most. She's good at picking up toys and putting them in her mouth and she likes looking at/touching your shirt (high contrast colors/black and white).  She's so happy and truly seems like she's just taking it all in!  I've been trying to let her touch things more lately (produce at the store, hahaha, plants, sand, hair, water, etc.)

Big Sisters: Mouth rinse, Booska Booska and Scruncha-Muncha are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is... how can I put this... ANNOYING when it comes to Charlotte.  Yes, I said it, but y'all... it's ridiculous.  I know she loves her, it's evident to see that because she's always squeezing her arms and legs, constantly laying on her or trying to tickle her. Oh yes, and doing a goose honking type noise, too. The poor child just need to give her some space! And the volume. Sweet Lord.  Praying Brooke heeds our advice and take it down a notch, or 5.  Taylor, on the other hand, is calm, sweet, quite, and gentle towards "Charlotte Ga-ray".  She talks to her in the most high pitched, sing songy voice.  Taylor has recently ERRUPTED in the verbal department.  Holy cow this kid is talking (and not focusing on eating dinner, or cleaning up toys) all the time! She is a ham, Charlotte is a butterball turkey, and Brooke is our sweet potato pie! Thanksgiving all the time! We are so blessed and couldn't imagine life without our little loves! I've also decided to not enroll the girls in church preschool and attempt homeschooling.  Prayers appreciated! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 4 months

Height: 24" 
Weight: 13lbs 9oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! She loves "talking" or caterwalling, it truly is high pitched and quite annoying.  She loves me "nibbling" her belly/ribs to get giggles out and she's the happiest when she's naked (she get it from her Daddy).  Haha bathtime, when she's on her changing table, whenever she's nude, she's happy! 

Dislikes: Loud, sudden noises (such as clapping, ice falling into a cup from the ice maker, the blender making a smoothie (to her defense, that sucker is loud).  She likes to be held, a lot an a lot of times she simply dislikes me laying her down. She also gets REALLY irritated if she's trying to hold a toy and she can't get it to her mouth. 
Sleeping: Napping pretty good in her crib, 3 naps a day, or 4.  She isn't swaddled and is a pretty chill baby.  Her naps are not long, but she seems to be content with what she gets. Every now and then she'll do a really good 2 hour nap.  It's mainly catnaps in between preschool pick up and drop off.  Bedtime fussiness IS getting better (thank you Lord).  She's still doing the same, sleeping from 7-12 then waking to nurse and I head to bed/throw her in the nursery twin bed beside me.  I kinda love it.  I am well rested and so is she. Win, win.  

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand. Eat, play, sleep schedule most of the time.  She rarely, if ever, spits up and seems to be gaining plenty of weight.  The combination of her being the 3rd, and her being awesome, makes nursing truly easy.  She hates nursing covers, and I don't pump.  She hasn't tried a bottle and she seems to tolerate my diet very well.  Praise the Lord for such an easy going baby! We thought Taylor was easy, but Charlotte has her beat! 

Playing: She can sit!  Yes, tripod mode, but she's realllly interested in being up right.  She likes to bat at toys and put things in her mouth.  She enjoys being on the trampoline and having Brooke bounce her (while she's safely seated in my lap, of course). And she is getting interested in her toes and hands.  

Big Sisters: Are precious! Brooke and Taylor share a room and share responsibilities around the house. Brooke is always eager to check on Charlotte when she's fussy or entertain her during dinner time, while conveniently being distracted from eating her own food.  I even got her to help change a diaper the other day.  She's sharing Mommy time a lot (when Charlotte takes a tiny nap during Tay's rest time). I'm really proud of her!  Taylor is so bubbly and silly.  She loves loves loves Brooke but has recently started biting and getting a bit sassy.  This month's nicknames are (drum roll please...) Mouth Rinse, and Fo Rizzle Rizzle.  I'm not making these up.  Brooke creates them, Taylor repeats them.  Bless!  I am content as a woman, wife, and mother.   Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 3 Months

Height: 22" 
Weight: 12lbs 8oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held... still! Welp, not much has changed! "My new extra right arm is my beloved Baby K'tan Active wrap.. she still spends pretty much the ENTIRE day in it!  That's okay though, I kinda like her!  Charlotte has found her voice!!! She coos and giggles... it's pretty much adorable! Oops, how could I forget... her hand :( Yep, ladies and gents, I hate to say it but I think we mayyyy have a thumb/hand sucker on our hands!"  She is a fan of hit pitched baby talking and relaxing in the bath tub.  Girl has got it made!

Dislikes: HER CARSEAT, STILL! She gets a little bit distracted between Brooke and Taylor talking to her, or playing with her little elephant toy.  She also seems to not like her paci anymore, like she's totally fine without it. Still praying she doesn't turn into a thumb sucker.  Oh yes, the combination of Brooke, being affectionate and loud in her face is toxic. Instant tears. 
Sleeping: Napping pretty good in her crib, 3 naps a day, and 4 if she needs to catch a late/pre-dinner extra nap on me, or if we're out an about and she catches a short nap on me at the park.  She isn't swaddled and is a pretty chill baby.  Her naps are not long, but she seems to be content with what she gets.  Bedtime fussiness IS getting better (thank you Lord).  She's still doing the same, sleeping from 7-12 then waking to nurse and I head to bed/throw her in the nursery twin bed beside me.  I kinda love it.  I am well rested and so is she. Win, win. 

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand. Eat, play, sleep schedule most of the time.  She rarely, if ever, spits up and seems to be gaining plenty of weight.  She's so funny, like she is getting to the distracted age, and studies the room before she nurses, like okay Ma, are we in my room, the living room, back room, outside, van, church.  She's also gotten into the habit of "hitting me" when she's nursing, like she take her arm and whacks my chest, haha in a loving sort of way, not angry.

Playing: Charlotte is getting a lot more content at not being held.  No, we're not to the level of chilling in a carseat at a restaurant or anything crazy like that.  But I CAN leave the room for 2 minutes to pee and she doesn't freak out (like Brooke did). haha I often forget tummy time, but she seems to be strong. I need to get better at letting her lay/play/explore.  I'm PARANOID at the whole flat head/helmet movement.  I think that's why I wear her so much and don't have her in a stroller/seat.  She likes me holding her facing out and dancing around.  She's a really happy baby and so very adaptable!  

Big Sisters: We're still trying to get a feel for her primary name.  I'm 90% Charlotte.  Charles is 75% Charlie. The girls seem to be 75% Charlotte Gray.  I think she's just going to grow up answering to any or all of those!  Brooke has truly rose above and beyond.  She is SUCH a good helper and absolutely LOVES it when Charlotte smiles at her.  Brooke always rushes in to her room to see her when she wakes up in the morning.  She loves getting her "first smiles" of the day and feels very proud to hold her little sister.  Taylor will sit on her every now and then, shake her play gym violently above her head, try to put toys in her mouth and attempt to pick her nose, THEN proceed to sweetly chant "Charlotte Ga-Ray" in a super high voice and say "I YOVE YOU"!  Brooke and Taylor are playing together a lot and having a blast!  Thank you Lord for our sweet girls! I pray they grow closer and closer each day! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 2 months

Height: 21.75" 
Weight: 10lbs 10oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, sleeping, and being held still! My new extra right arm is my beloved Baby K'tan Active wrap.. she still spends pretty much the ENTIRE day in it!  That's okay though, I kinda like her!  Charlotte has found her voice!!! She coos and giggles... it's pretty much adorable! Oops, how could I forget... her hand :( Yep, ladies and gents, I hate to say it but I think we mayyyy have a thumb/hand sucker on our hands! B was not attached to anything, T still has a paci at nap and night, and ol' Charlie has a magnet in her hand that attaches to her mouth, NON.STOP.

Dislikes: HER CARSEAT, STILL! Grrrrr come on, Lord... give us a little break here!  I have to stop soooo many times, put the car in park, turn around, put in her paci, and start back driving.  It's ridiculous. She also doesn't like getting ready for bed. Okay, so I do diaper, jammies, sit down to nurse... and child goes ballistic! I have to put in her paci, which she doesn't really like, then pop it out and pop in my boob to get her to actually nurse before bed.  haha and another thing she doesn't like is me yelling/raising my voice at B and T while she's nursing, sorry love! P.S. her cry is horrible.  My mom and I both agree it's kinda like an animal. Like a screetching baby eagle or a cat who got it's tail stepped on. 

Sleeping: Naps are 80%, scratch that, 90% on me in the wrap.  It's soooo hard to lay her down in her crib in the middle of the day. B and T are so loud and so nippy at each other (sometimes) I hate to leave them for 5 minutes together while I attempt to put her down (awake but sleepy, bah) because there will be blood (Tay scratches B all the time) or tears.  I'm gonna need to work on that.  I lay her down around 7:30pm and she sleeps anywhere from 12-2 then wakes, nurses, goes back in her crib, wakes again around 3:30, nurses, won't settle in crib, sleeps with me in twin bed in her room, wakes again around 6:30, nurses, falls back asleep as I slip out to start the day, and sleeps until about 7:30am.  I LOOOOOOOVE how she likes to snuggle me at night. It's like my scent just lulls her to sleep.  Y'all.  I'm pretty smitten with this girl! 

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand.  I have woken up at night and she'll only eat a bit to settle back to sleep, then I wake up a few hours later with softballs on my chest.  I've pumped a little at night, so I have a tiny stash of pumped milk.  She spits up a bit now, like a tiny bit.  haha she's also a great burper!  Funny note. My left nipple was B and T's least favorite side, and it is Charlie's favorite.  We find that to be pretty funny! 

Playing: Ohh baby! She lovesssss it when anyone gives her attention.  We lay her down on her new to her fisher price kick and play piano gym and she kicks, and plays and coos and bats at the toys.  It's pretty adorable!  Brooke also loves getting right up in "Cnar baybies (yep, that's what she calls her 75% of the time... we don't like the nickname, but don't have the heart to correct/change her, so Cnar baybie it is!) face and playing with her. Haha her favorite thing to do it put her in her hinged bouncy seat and attach two magnets and ropes from her Melissa and Doug fishing set, to make a seat belt.  She's so creative!  She's really good at tummy time, and super strong with her arms/shoulders/neck and head.  She's rolled over twice, but purely accidentally.  She also giggled for the first time 12/20/16!  The big sisters were gone at Grandma and Grandaddy's so I had extra one on one time with her.  It was really sweet!  

Big Sisters: Hmmm like I mentioned before, Brooke is really in love with her sissy! She's really eager to check on her, offer a paci, get something for me to be a helper.  Brooke also is having a REALLY hard time listening lately and doesn't respect peoples personal space.  She will lunge at Charlie, kiss her with quite a bit of pressure and the baby will start crying.  Brooke also hugs and kisses Taylor and gets all up in her business, and Tay freaks out, over reacts, and often scratches her big sister.  Taylor is precious, as always, and sweet to her "Char Char Baybee" (yes, I like Taylor's nickname for C).  Tay likes to hold Charlotte and put her hand on her face or rub her.  After she's held her for a bit, she'll test the limits and start squeezing her, which makes her fuss, and then she's off.  Lil stinker!  All in all... we're good! Charlotte is a dream and we are beyond blessed that the Lord entrusted her in our care.<3 div="" nbsp="">

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Growin' like a Weed: Mommy - 360 months

Height: 5' and .5"
Weight: 124 lbs

Likes: Jesus, our family, spending time outside, eating (especially sweets and chocolatey candy) and baking!  She's always doing her best to keep the house clean and keep us healthy and happy!  

Dislikes: Fussing, whining, temper tantrums, a messy house, Daddy's farts, and when things don't go how she wants/thinks they should go.  She also dislikes pizza and fried chicken, since Charlotte was born. Strange! 

Sleeping: Mommy wishes she could sleep, all day.  She says it's tough being a Mommy, we really wear her out!  She sleeps in Charlie's room, there's a bed in there for her, because the baby eats a lot.  She doesn't sleep with Daddy because he snores and it wakes her up.  Daddy listens to the monitor for the big girls, and Mommy wakes up with Charlie.  Daddy says he needs more sleep than Mommy.  Mommy doesn't agree, but she always stays up late getting things done while we're all sleeping.

Eating: Mommy always eats standing up and her food is almost always cold.  A lot of times she just grabs food and shoves it in her mouth (sometimes dropping it on Charlie) because she's always helping take care of us as we eat.  She likes to go out to eat by herself.  It's like her favorite thing to do since the baby has been born.  She leaves Daddy at home with the kids during nap time and goes to Cook Out or the Hibachi Buffet and eats.  Silly Mommy! 

Playing: Daddy is better at playing than Mommy.  Mommy plays, but usually has a baby on her so she can't be as rough, loud, or crazy as Daddy.  Mommy is also with kiddos all day so she has to "reserve her energy".  She really likes to play with toys with us and use her imagination.  Her favorite toy is her phone.  She likes taking pictures and looking on Facebook.  Mommy doesn't have any friends. She's too busy. But we are glad she's at home taking care of us, we love it! 

haha I hope you enjoyed this "humorous" spin on my monthly blog! I've done for each of the girls and thought, heck, why not do a funny little post for me.  It's just another year, just another day.  Praise God for 30 beautiful years. I fail, miserably each day, and often which I had a little more time to poop/shower/eat/take care of myself/have friends/have fun times with said friends, but this is just a season, a busy and stressful season, but a perfect season that God designed for me and is holding my hand through each and every day.  Charles, Brooke, Taylor and Charlotte, I love you and am so thankful that I get to spend each and every day with you all! 

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 1 month

Height: 21" 
Weight: 9lbs 1oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, sleeping, and being held.  She is constantly on me in my Baby K'tan Active wrap (seriously, I spend over half the day with her snuggled in there) as I play/referee/love on Brooke and Taylor. She seems to be a MUCH more easy going baby and I am soooo very thankful for that! haha God knew I needed a little help because of how... lets see how I can put it... challenging Brooke and Taylor can be! haha 

Dislikes: HER CARSEAT! Lord have mercy! You'd think I laid her in a bed of nails!  Which is highly unfortunate because we are out and about A LOT going to take Brooke to and from preschool, or going to the park, or running errands.  The carseat stays in the car and I get Charlotte out of it as quickly as possible when we park.  Like beet red face, tears, the works!  She also seems to dislike not being held, okay, got it, the others were like that, and when we try to keep her awake.  She only cries when she's hungry or sleepy.  Plain and simple.  She's great! 

Sleeping: We started out in the rock-in-play sleeper, but that didn't last long.  She quickly migrated to my amazing sleeper right by my side.  Yep, I said it.  I slept with Taylor in bed with me a bit, and realized wow, this works! Like she sleeps, and I sleep! I can nurse her laying down and we both drift back off to dream land!  I've honestly only had 2 nights where she stayed awake for any length of time.  Once again... praise the Lord for this precious creation! haha She sleeps a lot and is a lot less alert during the day than Brooke was during this phase of life.  She takes a killer 3 hour-ish afternoon nap everyday, which is a God-send, because it works perfectly with Taylor's nap time and Brooke's quiet time.  Taking care of household duties and my tiny bit of work (I work from home) is all done at this time. Oh yes, I swaddled her at the hospital, and a few days after that, then I stopped.  She sleeps with a blanket wrapped around her tummy/legs and socks on her hands.  She kind of takes a paci to help her fall asleep, but isn't a huge fan of it.  She makes a pretty killer stank face sometimes when I place it in her mouth.

Eating: She awesome! No spitting up, but she does suck pretty wimpily (yep, not a word, I made it up) sometimes and makes a clicking sound and gets frustrated.  Other than that, she's amazing!  Yellow seedy stool, tons of pee diapers and she's gaining weight like.a.boss!  She has her fair share of blow outs, which I think are caused by too small of diapers and her daddy's bowels.  Charlotte sleeps 3-5 hour stretches at night in between feedings and is truly on demand with all other nursing sessions throughout the day. 

Playing: I haven't really let her try to play.  I mean, I will sit and hold her on my legs looking at me, and she really likes to "chat" while laying on the changing table.  Guess I should bust out the activity mat and see what she does.  Brooke is CONSTANTLY in her face, like RIGHT UP IN HER FACE saying "aww Char Char Baybee" and other little baby talk and patting her head, face, belly, etc.  Looks like I need to let her "play" more.  Tay is a bull in a china shop and seriously has almost flattened her a few times.  

Big Sisters: Lord have mercy!  Three kids is no joke.  I loose my cool ALL THE TIME! I love them. To pieces. With all my heart. But seriously... enough!  Brooke fusses and whines all day.  She's a little bossy Momma Bear who pushed Taylor around, physically, and verbally all day.  Sometimes it's sweet, like she's teaching her to count to 10 (repeating after Brooke) and she'll help her when she's fussing by getting one of her favorite toys.  The big sisters LOVE Charlie, and ask to hold her often. Tay loves to give her her paci and watch her/try to help if she's crying.  Taylor has her fair share of temper tantrums too.  She's stubborn and will scream/fuss FOREVER!  Basically, she just wants to be held "UPPY" and you have to muscle her chunky butt up and hold lil Charlie at the  same time.  I sweat, all day.  It's a lot of fun to sit back and watch B and T grow in friendship and love.  I adore that they have a built in playmate, but still love that they like to include me in their play time.  I think Charlotte is the "best" with the newborn phase and I'm so very grateful the Lord blessed our precious family with her!  We love you Charlotte Gray! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Growin' like a Weed: Taylor - 12 months

Height: 28.5in

Weight:  18lbs 

Likes: Taylor is amazing!  Each day is a joy!  Yes, she gets clingy and fussy at times, but other than that... she likes life! haha Okay, Taylor enjoys music, playing with toys and snuggling soft blankets and stuffed animals.   She really likes her "paci" but Mommy and Daddy don't like her having it in her mouth all day, so unless she's exceptionally fussy, it's reserved for naps/bed.  Taylor enjoys climbing, splashing and WALKING! Yes, she started her journey right around Christmas! I'd still say she primarily crawls, but she's getting more confident each day! 

Dislikes: haha still hates nails being trimmed and socks.  I put shoes on her, once.  I don't really plan on doing it again. She wasn't terrible or anything, I just don't think she wants, or needs them.  She doesn't like chicken.  I make her eat it.  We eat chicken 80% of the time as our source of protein at dinner, and she just kind of tolerates it.  She also dislikes her sister when she's a brat.  Snatching toys, pushing her down, pulling her hair, giving her a "mean face" can you blame her though?  I can't wait to see this "big" little sister in full force one day! All I can say is you better be ready B! 

Sleeping: I knew she would start sleeping through the night.  Yes, it took 11.5 months, but she did it and I never made her cry-it-out.  Yes, I did a modified C-I-O with Brooke, and I hated every second of it and now she sleeps like CRAP most nights.  haha Sorry again Brooke.  I really am sorry you had to be our first child guinea pig :(  T is still taking two naps a day (and doing a pretty consistent job with the lengths).  She's soooo easy to put to sleep and I'm grateful for it.  Not going to lie, I do enjoy some snuggles with her still if I get the chance.  Not much sweeter than watching your little blessing peacefully rest all nuzzled up close to her Momma! 
Eating: Like-a-BOSS!  Yes, Taylor is so stinkin' good at eating! Most days, she devours whatever I put on her plate.  I'm talking everything that we eat, she eats.  I have wasted two containers of  puffs (buying them and THINKING she would eat them) but they've gone stale and she could care less!  She makes a MESS eating, because she really doesn't appreciate having a bib in the way, so she only wears it about half of the time.  I don't really "Momma Bird" everything anymore.  She still only has 2 teeth but she's become pretty independent and prefers pieces instead of a pile of mush. So I just cut or squish everything pretty small.  I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo thankful for our good eaters!  She still nurses when she wakes up in the morning, around 1pm and then again at bedtime.  She drinks water and almond milk from a sippy cup.  I guess I should try whole milk soon.  I thought I'd be sad about weaning her, but like big sister, she's pretty much self weaning and I'm good with it!  

Playing: With Brooke's birthday, Christmas and Taylor's birthday... we're kind of on new toy overload.  I've had to put a lot of toys away and out of sight so we can focus on just a few items and try not to overload the playroom.  T loves anything she can chew on or make a noise with.  Stuffed animals, especially cats, are still her favorite. And she's oddly intrigued with reptiles and rodents at the pet store.  Dear Lord PLEASE don't have us get a snake or lizard one day!  She's getting really adventurous with her mobility and is having fun walking and climbing. It's fun to let the girls interact together.  We're right on the cusp of something good with B and T starting to "play" together.  She still could care less about whatever is on the TV and is just now getting into reading books.  

Big Sister: Is a mess.  She is full of energy and spunk and has a vivid imagination.  Whatever movie we watch, she is.  I think we watched Tangled 10 times within the last 2 weeks, and she has been wearing her purple Rapunzel dress and "panging" everything with her frying pan all while singing (at the top of her lungs) "Thu last time I see thu flotin' lights" haha her version of "and at last I see the light".  It's precious.  Seriously.  Brooke has some  good days, and some bad.  She pushes our buttons and has been fighting bedtime like it's her job.  Looks like her lil afternoon nap will be going away soon.  Either way, we love her to pieces and can't help but smile, and laugh, at her and with her.  Y'all, the things this kid says is hilarious.  I know, I know, all toddlers are like this, it's awesome. I love being a Mom and I am beyond blessed to have these two little ladies entrusted in our care. 

Alrighty.  We're done folks.  No more monthly updates until the next lil one arrives!  Prayers appreciated!