Thursday, July 25, 2013

Growin' Like a Weed: 8 Months


Likes: Saying Dadadadada, PUPPY, or really ANYTHING SOFT! haha she also really likes pets, anytime we are at a friends house with cats or dogs she starts giggling and wants to pet them or chase after them.  Brooke is starting to like the TV and playing independently with toys.  She also likes to sit at her high chair and feed herself.  She really likes drinking water from our cups :)

Dislikes: Once again, this is tough because there's not much Brooke doesn't like! She's an amazing baby!  But, if I had to choose I would say, she doesn't like getting her diaper changed all of the times (she's a wiggle worm and doesn't want to lay still.) Ahhh okay, from day 1 she doesn't like to get her clothes changed! hahaha thankfully I'm not one of those mom's who actually cares what her child looks like/wears because Brooke wears two outfits a day, the clothes we put her in in the morning, and pajamas at night.  Child has a FIT when we try to put on or take off a shirt!

Sleeping: Brooke is GREAT at sleeping now!  Okay, she still fusses for a few minutes most time when we put her down for her naps/bed, but she sleeps 11 hours at night consistently and 2, 1.5 naps during the day!  The only time her sleep schedule gets off is when we travel in the car.  She won't nap any longer than 45 minutes in the car.  She also sleeps with a tiny travel pillow now... I know... bad mom, haha but she LOVES soft things and can roll/move well so she ends up off of it most of the time.

Eating:  Three meals a day and nursing every 3 hours!  No more biting, LIFE IS GOOD!  Brooke really prefers to feed herself rather than us spoon feeding her... it's great!  We love enjoying meal time together!  We always keep puffs/yogurt bites handy for her to snack on if we're eating our meals at separate times.  Child will eat ANYTHING though! We've yet to find anything she doesn't like!

Playing: Brooke loves to play! Anything from sitting outside and waving to cars to singing the wheels on the bus keeps her engaged and entertained.  She really likes throwing toys out of her carseat now and likes "talking/singing".  She's not quite crawling yet but can scoot anywhere she needs to go!  She likes to bounce up and down and ride in the shopping cart.  Our happy girl is great at playing with her older cousins and peers, too!

Growin' Like a Weed: 7 Months


Likes: Standing/walking holding onto our hands, music/singing, and looking in the mirror!  Brooke gets bored REALLY easily (doesn't play with a toy for more than 5 minutes) so we're always looking for new fun things to do with her!

Dislikes: Hmmm this is a tough one.  She doesn't like playing independently for long, unless she's in a really good mood.  Ahh, okay she dislikes unclenching her fists! haha this 7 month old still doesn't hold her bottle and 9 times out of 10 her hands and toes will be clenched shut for no apparent reason.  Relax a little bit Brooke!

Sleeping: We started a new schedule with 2 naps a day (2-3-4 plan) and it seems to be working well! Yes, she gets fussy, but she's doing a lot better at sleeping 11-12 hours again! Bed time is on or before 7 everyday.  She naps well, most days (3 hours total between the 2 naps).  She LOVES sleeping with her "teddy" and doesn't wear a sleep sack anymore!  Sometimes she uses Teddy as a pillow, it's hilarious!

Eating:  Her solid food interest has gone down, which I'm fine with.  She gets 2-3 small meals a day (around normal meal times).  She's also started BITING when nursing... ugh!  I tried one day of solely pumping and bottle feeding her and wow was that exhausting or what?! So now we're back to being patient... yes, I flicked, smooshed, and NO-ed her, and she still thinks biting is fun... bless!

Playing: Brooke loves to roll around on the floor and play with her toys!  She chews on EVERYTHING and loves  to talk/sing (we always have music on).  Her favorite things are soft surfaces... she loves to roll around on a bed or a soft blanket, she even likes it when we play peek a boo and cover her with pillows or blankets (she can get herself out of them well).  She also likes it when Daddy wrestles with her and we bonk her in the head/face with a pillow.  She LOVES to look in the mirror and talk to herself.  Brooke really likes sitting outside and looking at the birds and "waving" to all of the cars in the neighborhood.