Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 7 Months

Height: 26" 

Weight:  ()

Likes: Being held/close to Mommy at all times! Man oh man she's a Momma's girl! She gives Daddy BIGGGGGGGGGGG grins but knows Momma is her safe place!  She's into TALKING, KICKING, WIGGLING and ... wait for it... ROLLING OVER now!  TAKE THAT DOCTOR!  At 6 months and 4 weeks she rolled back to tummy, then a few days later tummy to back! Can't stop her now! She's always trying to scoot on her tummy and "crawl". She's an active little bugger!   Oh yes, this has been going on for a while now, but she really likes to snuggle/cover her head when she sleeps with the corner of a soft blanket.  It's cute, but scares me! She rode in a shopping cart, at walmart for the first time, and LOVED it!

Dislikes: Diaper changes and changing clothes most days. She also doesn't like me eating. Especially dinner! She doesn't want to sit at her high chair and play or eat any thing. She's really not into food and doesn't want to play during meal time so I normally eat while holding her and end up with half of my food on the floor because of her sweet lil grabby paws.  She also doesn't like it when she's playing, and can't see me. Like realllly T.  I've gone to PEE, I promise I haven't left you forever sweet girl!  She dislikes ducks.  We have some in our neighborhood and she cries when we see them; but then she laughs at Brooke feeding them.  It's pretty funny!

Sleeping: Wakes up and starts the day around 6:30-7, awake for 2.5 to 3 hours then naps (45 mins to 2 hrs), awake for 3 hours, another nap, awake until bedtime (7:00 - 7:40 ish).  She wakes once (anywhere from 12-2) to nurse and has been hopping in bed with me after that wake up because if I put her in her crib, she plays and keeps me up.  I. NEED.SLEEP.  She really is a good sleeper though! WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than B was at this age!

Eating: She is a snacker. Like nurses, fussy/eyeing my boobs an hour later, nurses again, then nurses again when she wakes up from each nap. So ehhh 6-8 feedings a day. But they're like 5-8 minutes each. I've also introduced some solids, but she hasn't really been interested.  Haven't tried a bottle in months. I've stopped pumping, no point really. She likes cheerios the most, but has gagged on them 3 times and full out puked, on me. NOT FUN!

Playing: She just likes to put everything in her mouth.  Holds toys, eats them, licks them, hits them together, smiles, rolls, talks. We're on the go so much it feels like she never just gets to play.  And when she does get a toy, big sis snatches it away from her. Note to self, let Taylor "play" more this upcoming month!

Big Sister: Is really into taking things from Taylor.  Like toys, or Brooke is really possessive if Taylor is trying to touch her or her things. It's kinda annoying but I guess I can understand.  Also, Brooke seems to enjoy "holding" Taylor on her lap a lot and hugging her and kissing her.  She's not a natural "Mommy" and doesn't really care to help me with T, but that's okay.  She's still all up in her face and makes her cry; but, she's the BEST at getting Taylor to laugh. It's adorable!