Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Finds: Marriage

Click here to see part of our awesome wedding video by Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill Barrett !!!

Today marks 2 glorious years of being married to the most wonderful man EVER Charles Grayson Barrett :)  He truly is a blessing and he fills my heart with laughter and joy everyday ! He has taught me patience and has allowed me to blossom into a beautiful woman of God.  I really can't imagine a day without him !!! 

I seriously could go on and on about marriage and how great it is and how the Lord designed it perfectly !  If you are engaged or seriously considering getting engaged we'd love to talk to you :)  We are an open book !

This is what we gave each other for our 1 year anniversary ...
Yep, a house ! haha we built this home and we are renting it out to make some extra money until our family grows big enough to need it. Then we will rent our current house and live in the big one !

This is what we'll be giving each other for our 2nd year anniversary ...

For me :) Smith and Wesson Bodyguard

For Charles ... Glock 9mm
Forget the "traditional" anniversary gifts in the Barrett household :)  Who knows what next year will be !?

Anyways ... I love you so much babe !!! Thank you Lord for such an amazing husband :) I can't wait to celebrate life and love in the many years to come !

Date to ECU vs NCSU

Jet Skiing

The proposal

Engaged !

Beach date !

Student Athlete Breakfast

Engagment picture


Rehersal dinner

I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride !

1st Christmas

1st anniversary

2nd Christmas

1st Nephew

3rd Christmas !

Crafty Creations: Busy busy busy !

I am so sorry for being a slacker with my blog :( I really enjoy blogging but my goodness is this a busy time of year or what !?

See this ... this was dinner one night
Yep, Cheese fries :)
Here is a little crafty creation I made for some Christmas presents !  Looking back on it now, I wish I would have used my own ideas to layer the ingredients and not what the directions said.  It really was a pain putting in the flour at the end and it doesn't looks as pretty once the flour was added :(  Oh well ! I'm sure they will be delicious ! Oh yes and I haven't finished the "packaging" with directions ... I have a few ideas floating around. 

All of the ingredients for cookie mix in a jar

Unpacked vs packed brown sugar

Genius idea :)

Kim's little messy workshop

Pretty little yummy layers

Pretty layers and then the dreaded/ugly flour to top it off :(

Speaking of Christmas ... hahaha So we keep getting a lot of great Christmas cards and well I don't have a good place to put them. So my sweet little french memo board is filling up with cards.  It's bad when your non-crafty/creative husband says "hey babe, those cards are starting to look really tacky up there..."  and you just smile and laugh :) Oh well I'll think of a better idea next year ! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home : A Merry Little Christmas

Oh my gracious ! It's been so long since I've blogged ! I've been very very busy and I haven't found the time and well just to warn you ... this post is going to be pretty short. 

Charles and I have a fairly small house so we try not to fill it with a lot of junk. That being said, our Christmas tree was a fun challenge.  I saw a few years ago an idea that my aunt made and I fell in love ! 

Any idea what this precious little tree is made from ?

Here's a hint ... tomato

 Here we are with our precious little tree !

 The perfect height/size to put out and decorate in about 15 mins and enjoy for years to come !

 Charles likes decorating because every ornament is NCSU related :)

Here she is all shiny and bright ! 

I tried to find a blog/tutorial to make one but no one had one like this and I made mine last year.  Okay it's really really easy.  Easy enough to make themed kids/kitchen/outdoor trees and a lot of them !

Tomato Cage - home improvement store
Garland - dollar tree/target/walmart.  I think I used 4 strands(buy extra, you can return it later)
One strand of lights - we had/you can purchase anywhere
One rubber band or other fastener

How to
1. Join 4 metal points of tomato cage with rubber band or other fastener. 
2. Start at the top of the "tree" wrapping the structure with garland to fill in all holes.
3. Secure garland at the bottom.
4. Wrap strand of lights around the tree.
5. Decorate !!!

Seriously it's that easy ! And mine cost about $8 !!! It's so easy to put up each year ... we keep the lights on and pop it out whenever we're ready to decorate :) and remember to light your Evergreen or Mistletoe candle to add a refreshing pine fragrance to the house !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home : Our little Christmas preview

We love the Wolfpack !

And red and white

And left over wedding decorations (our wedding was 12/20/2008)

Silver Bells

Gotta have Mr. Wuf !

Hard to read but "Our First Christmas Together" 2008 married ornament :)
Yay Christmas time ! Charles and I were decorating our tree last night and he reminded me this is our 3rd Christmas together (married) I was like whaaatt we've only been married for almost 2 years ... christmas of 2008,2009, and now 2010 how special !

We don't go "all out" decorating for Christmas ... but there are a few little things we bring out every year.  More to come ...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Finds: Goodwill :)

Sooo I ran out to Goodwill at lunch today found to great deals !

I got this puppy, with frosted glass for $11.72 (say whaaaaaat)

And a precious red "all weather coat" from Petite Sophiticate for $7.79.  I was trying to look on their website for a SRP but sadly they are now closed :( I'm guessing $45 plus !  Score for day after my birthday shopping at Goodwill !

Good Finds : Red Robin - Jacksonville, NC

What a great birthday ! Thanks for all of the birthday love on facebook and text messages :)  Y'all are too sweet !

Well the highlight of the day was our dinner at Red Robin !  Seriously, if you have never been to one ... GO ! You'll love it ! The food is great, service is always incredible and well, it's just great !

Here's a little overview of our trip :
1. Drive to Jacksonville on 12/1 - a Wednesday night and it was PACKED !? What ... yeahhh all of the Marines in J-ville and their kids decided to go out on my birthday, thaaaanks (and it wasn't even a kids night)
2. This made me nervous that we would have a horrible experience :( SO being the Red Robin expert I am, having worked there, I educated Charles and and soon as our waitress came we ordered our food and asked for Campfire Mayo and a basket of Fries (mMm soooo good)

Charles with the menu

Me with my FREE birthday burger coupon (basically a $10 value)
3. Food came, it was delicious (we both got Banzai Burgers), and our waitress brought us two free drinks ! Free freckled lemonade and raspberry limeaid ... just because she thought we were great :)

Hurry up and take the picture Charles ! I'm ready to eat !

Charles' yummy meal !

My precious hubby enjoying the FREE Freckled Lemonade

4. She remembered it was my birthday brought a free ice cream sunday and a few pals along to sing to me. Oh yes, she also goes to a tanning salon and gave me a bag of candy and $25 coupon off of a tanning package.

Our total bill $6.79  (RIDICULOUS) we had my birthday coupon and a $3 eclub coupon (I told her on the system how to use both )

Happy birthday girl with ALL OF HER FREE STUFF !
Needless to say, it was one of the best RR experiences ever and a great birthday celebration!  I was a little nervous before we got there... this was the first RR I had ever been to that I didn't know a single person that worked there (knowing people gets you discounts and perks ... welp, I was proven wrong today)

All in all ... Charles and I have decided we will be going to Red Robin to enjoy a meal together every 12/1 to celebrate my birthday and a great meal ! Oh yeah ... our waitress got a pretty sweet tip from us :) Thanks Cassie ! Hope to have you as our server again !

We ended the night with a little NCSU B-ball watching at Elliott's house ... yeahhhh thanks Pack.  A 48-87 butt whoopin' against Wisconsin was not exactly how I wanted to end my birthday.  Ohhhh well ! I still love you !