Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Finds: Marriage

Click here to see part of our awesome wedding video by Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill Barrett !!!

Today marks 2 glorious years of being married to the most wonderful man EVER Charles Grayson Barrett :)  He truly is a blessing and he fills my heart with laughter and joy everyday ! He has taught me patience and has allowed me to blossom into a beautiful woman of God.  I really can't imagine a day without him !!! 

I seriously could go on and on about marriage and how great it is and how the Lord designed it perfectly !  If you are engaged or seriously considering getting engaged we'd love to talk to you :)  We are an open book !

This is what we gave each other for our 1 year anniversary ...
Yep, a house ! haha we built this home and we are renting it out to make some extra money until our family grows big enough to need it. Then we will rent our current house and live in the big one !

This is what we'll be giving each other for our 2nd year anniversary ...

For me :) Smith and Wesson Bodyguard

For Charles ... Glock 9mm
Forget the "traditional" anniversary gifts in the Barrett household :)  Who knows what next year will be !?

Anyways ... I love you so much babe !!! Thank you Lord for such an amazing husband :) I can't wait to celebrate life and love in the many years to come !

Date to ECU vs NCSU

Jet Skiing

The proposal

Engaged !

Beach date !

Student Athlete Breakfast

Engagment picture


Rehersal dinner

I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride !

1st Christmas

1st anniversary

2nd Christmas

1st Nephew

3rd Christmas !

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  1. conrats on the two years AND the house! that's so exciting! love all these pictures too (: