Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Finds : Red Robin - Jacksonville, NC

What a great birthday ! Thanks for all of the birthday love on facebook and text messages :)  Y'all are too sweet !

Well the highlight of the day was our dinner at Red Robin !  Seriously, if you have never been to one ... GO ! You'll love it ! The food is great, service is always incredible and well, it's just great !

Here's a little overview of our trip :
1. Drive to Jacksonville on 12/1 - a Wednesday night and it was PACKED !? What ... yeahhh all of the Marines in J-ville and their kids decided to go out on my birthday, thaaaanks (and it wasn't even a kids night)
2. This made me nervous that we would have a horrible experience :( SO being the Red Robin expert I am, having worked there, I educated Charles and and soon as our waitress came we ordered our food and asked for Campfire Mayo and a basket of Fries (mMm soooo good)

Charles with the menu

Me with my FREE birthday burger coupon (basically a $10 value)
3. Food came, it was delicious (we both got Banzai Burgers), and our waitress brought us two free drinks ! Free freckled lemonade and raspberry limeaid ... just because she thought we were great :)

Hurry up and take the picture Charles ! I'm ready to eat !

Charles' yummy meal !

My precious hubby enjoying the FREE Freckled Lemonade

4. She remembered it was my birthday brought a free ice cream sunday and a few pals along to sing to me. Oh yes, she also goes to a tanning salon and gave me a bag of candy and $25 coupon off of a tanning package.

Our total bill $6.79  (RIDICULOUS) we had my birthday coupon and a $3 eclub coupon (I told her on the system how to use both )

Happy birthday girl with ALL OF HER FREE STUFF !
Needless to say, it was one of the best RR experiences ever and a great birthday celebration!  I was a little nervous before we got there... this was the first RR I had ever been to that I didn't know a single person that worked there (knowing people gets you discounts and perks ... welp, I was proven wrong today)

All in all ... Charles and I have decided we will be going to Red Robin to enjoy a meal together every 12/1 to celebrate my birthday and a great meal ! Oh yeah ... our waitress got a pretty sweet tip from us :) Thanks Cassie ! Hope to have you as our server again !

We ended the night with a little NCSU B-ball watching at Elliott's house ... yeahhhh thanks Pack.  A 48-87 butt whoopin' against Wisconsin was not exactly how I wanted to end my birthday.  Ohhhh well ! I still love you !

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