Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 9 months

Height: 26 1/4" 
Weight: 19lbs 1oz

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Charlotte is attached to me, still, but is finding a bit more freedom.  B and T went to Grandma and Grandaddy's house for 3 days and wow was she a different child! haha Poor thing was meant to be an only child!  She really likes splashing in water (a pool, tub of water outside, puddle) and exploring with her new found vertical mobility! She pulls up on EVERYTHING and cruises (while holding on to couches, tables, etc.) She has also found a love for shoes... like chewing on them... it's nasty, but if it keeps her happy, I go with it! hahaha poor 3rd child! 

Dislikes: If Mommy isn't near and her big bad sister runs up and jumps at her as she roars as loud as she can COUGH COUGH Brooke Grayson! Dear Lord help this phase to pass soon! haha Charlotte is traumatized by hr older siblings :(  She also gets pretty darn ticked when you take something away from her that she's not suppose to be chewing on (shoe, small toy, toothbrush, toys Brooke and Taylor leave on the floor, mulch, sand, etc.) Oh... and bathtime... she hates it.  As noted above, she loves water, but get her naked and put her in a warm (or cold) tub and she FREAKS!  Bath time is now less than 2 minutes.  Seriously. It's terrible! 

Sleeping: Two naps a day.  2-3-4 schedule.  Wakes around 6:30, naps 2 hours after she wakes up (normally an hour to 1.5 then is awake for 3 hours takes a 2 hour nap that normally coincides with Taylor's (PRAISE THE LORD). Once she wakes, it's 4 hours until bedtime! She nurses, sleeps until 11:30-2 ish, nurses, and sleeps until wake time.  90% of the time she ends up in the twin bed in her nursery with me.  Momma needs sleep too and her squishy snuggles are the BEST! Nothing has changed here this month! I keep thinking I need to try to get her to stop nursing at night and be in her crib, but... eh.  Maybe next month! haha Oh yes! And I moved her crib down finally! 

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours when awake and once at night.  I'm still "Momma Birding" foods and giving her fruits/veggies/table food. She's really not a fan of food yet.  Though she does love veggie straws!  She took to a straw "sippy cup" very easily and gets to play with it/drink from it when her big sisters share.  She loves nursing, like loves it! I feel like she's going to go past the 13 month stop that both B and T self weaned at.  I've never had any issues with her refusing to nurse. She's a champ!

Playing: She's getting it.  She likes to put things in her mouth (pegs with foam board) and likes toys that make sounds (maraca, piano, wiggly giggler).  She can tear down a block tower before we really even build it, and finds magnets on the fridge and the metal door stopper thing absolutely fascinating!  Silicone muffin cups keep her entertained for a good bit as well as our toy ice cream set.  Charlotte is pulling up on ALL THINGS now and likes to try to see what her big sisters are into (though most of the time they don't let her in on the fun).  I'm SOOOO curious to see when she's going to attempt walking!!! Oh yes! And she can say MA MA and DA DA, and wave "hey gurl, hey!"

Big Sisters:  Debby, Debby Libs Grace Dowdy, Brief Butt, and Buffaloe are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is still crazy and loud around Charlotte most days. She's constantly running up to her and growling, or smacking her rear or coming up behind her and pulling her backwards, or holding her arm a bit to long... has anyone else had this problem... it's killing us.  We're at a loss how to discipline/modify behavior because it's VERY evident that Charlotte doesn't like it (bless her soul).  It's just a bit much. Taylor always asks to hold Charlotte when she gets up from a nap, and will let Charlotte play with her face/snuggle her. They have a precious bond and Tay is just soooooo much more her speed.  She gets her and she doesn't really force herself upon her as Brooke does.  BUT Tay does get possessive over toys and manages to take EVERYTHING away from Charlotte.  Taylor is also the chief "I'm going to leave every toy in the house out and not pick them up especially those things that Charlotte can't have yet," I feel like I'm constantly asking her to pick up her things! Our girls are getting big! Like T is potty trained, day and night. WHAT?! And Brooke can wipe her own butt after she poops.  Big time guys. BIG TIME! hahaha Counting our blessings each and and surrendering it all to our precious Heavenly Father who is God of the hills and valleys (and I am not alone).