Monday, April 13, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 3 Months

Height: 23" (%)
Weight: 12 lbs (%)

Likes: Taylor really likes chatting with Mommy! She lights up when we spend time together talking and singing together, it's precious!  Taylor seems to like pretty much everything (except when she gets over tired).  Oh, she doesn't like bottles, but we haven't tried too hard.  I have a quarter of our deep freezer in the garage FILLED with milk, chick best drink up so Momma can go out for longer than 3 hours.  She also really likes batting and grabbing toys with rings and links and gnawing on her hands.  

Dislikes: She's getting better with bed time but still not a huge fan some days. When she's overtired and hungry it's a terrible combination.  Taylor doesn't like loud noises aka big sis distracting her when she's trying to nurse. Other than that, she barely cries or fusses! It's a blessing! Oh yes, and if she is cranky... we've learned to simply lay her down on her activity mat and give the gal some alone time.  haha Brooke was the same way! 

Sleeping: No swaddling anymore!!! She's easy peasy!  We don't have an elaborate nap/bed routine like we do for Brooke, and it's great! Once again, if she's over tired, it's a fight, but if she's just a little sleepy, she's down and out in a matter of minutes! She likes to lay on her side with her face smushed in your arm or a blanket.  She also loves sleeping on, or with Mommy in bed! Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's a no no, but if she wakes at 4 or 5 am and won't go back to sleep in her crib, she's my bed buddy, and it's the best feeling in the world!!! Naps... haha some days 3 some days 5. She loves being inconsistent! She goes to bed at different times (always before 8) and wakes up anytime between 6:30 and 8 each day. 

Eating: Roughly every 3 hours.  Still not taking a bottle, but like I said, we haven't really tried, but we need to! I have a TON of milk stored!  She's gaining a lot of weight and squishy so I'd say all is well!  She wakes 1 to 2 times at night to nurse and drifts right back off to sleep (most of the time).  

Playing: Hmm this month I'd say she's all about her little rings/links and standing/sitting.  She's super strong and really enjoys when music is on.  It's adorable to hear her "talk". I'm terrible with doing tummy time, because I don't want to clean up spit up, but she doesn't seem to mind it that much.  She still has yet to roll over independently. She loves watching big sis and seeing what all she's doing!  

Big Sister: Brooke HATES it when Taylor cries.  Like the look on her face is sheer stress (much like me) hahahaha I wish I could give her ear plugs so she wouldn't have to hear Taylor's ear piercing screams (though they're few and far between).  Brooke loves jumping in Taylor's crib when she wakes up for her nap and also got to take her first bath with Little Sister.  She did REALLY well and it seems like she had a great time taking care of her.  Taylor isn't "her baby".  She doesn't have a possessive maternal instinct right now at all.  Brooke is doing really good at playing by herself when I need to put Taylor down for a nap but still gets fussy and clingy every so often.  The biggest blessing is having her potty trained and independent.  Man. Sanity saver indeed.  Super proud of her!