Monday, December 26, 2016

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 2 months

Height: 21.75" 
Weight: 10lbs 10oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, sleeping, and being held still! My new extra right arm is my beloved Baby K'tan Active wrap.. she still spends pretty much the ENTIRE day in it!  That's okay though, I kinda like her!  Charlotte has found her voice!!! She coos and giggles... it's pretty much adorable! Oops, how could I forget... her hand :( Yep, ladies and gents, I hate to say it but I think we mayyyy have a thumb/hand sucker on our hands! B was not attached to anything, T still has a paci at nap and night, and ol' Charlie has a magnet in her hand that attaches to her mouth, NON.STOP.

Dislikes: HER CARSEAT, STILL! Grrrrr come on, Lord... give us a little break here!  I have to stop soooo many times, put the car in park, turn around, put in her paci, and start back driving.  It's ridiculous. She also doesn't like getting ready for bed. Okay, so I do diaper, jammies, sit down to nurse... and child goes ballistic! I have to put in her paci, which she doesn't really like, then pop it out and pop in my boob to get her to actually nurse before bed.  haha and another thing she doesn't like is me yelling/raising my voice at B and T while she's nursing, sorry love! P.S. her cry is horrible.  My mom and I both agree it's kinda like an animal. Like a screetching baby eagle or a cat who got it's tail stepped on. 

Sleeping: Naps are 80%, scratch that, 90% on me in the wrap.  It's soooo hard to lay her down in her crib in the middle of the day. B and T are so loud and so nippy at each other (sometimes) I hate to leave them for 5 minutes together while I attempt to put her down (awake but sleepy, bah) because there will be blood (Tay scratches B all the time) or tears.  I'm gonna need to work on that.  I lay her down around 7:30pm and she sleeps anywhere from 12-2 then wakes, nurses, goes back in her crib, wakes again around 3:30, nurses, won't settle in crib, sleeps with me in twin bed in her room, wakes again around 6:30, nurses, falls back asleep as I slip out to start the day, and sleeps until about 7:30am.  I LOOOOOOOVE how she likes to snuggle me at night. It's like my scent just lulls her to sleep.  Y'all.  I'm pretty smitten with this girl! 

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand.  I have woken up at night and she'll only eat a bit to settle back to sleep, then I wake up a few hours later with softballs on my chest.  I've pumped a little at night, so I have a tiny stash of pumped milk.  She spits up a bit now, like a tiny bit.  haha she's also a great burper!  Funny note. My left nipple was B and T's least favorite side, and it is Charlie's favorite.  We find that to be pretty funny! 

Playing: Ohh baby! She lovesssss it when anyone gives her attention.  We lay her down on her new to her fisher price kick and play piano gym and she kicks, and plays and coos and bats at the toys.  It's pretty adorable!  Brooke also loves getting right up in "Cnar baybies (yep, that's what she calls her 75% of the time... we don't like the nickname, but don't have the heart to correct/change her, so Cnar baybie it is!) face and playing with her. Haha her favorite thing to do it put her in her hinged bouncy seat and attach two magnets and ropes from her Melissa and Doug fishing set, to make a seat belt.  She's so creative!  She's really good at tummy time, and super strong with her arms/shoulders/neck and head.  She's rolled over twice, but purely accidentally.  She also giggled for the first time 12/20/16!  The big sisters were gone at Grandma and Grandaddy's so I had extra one on one time with her.  It was really sweet!  

Big Sisters: Hmmm like I mentioned before, Brooke is really in love with her sissy! She's really eager to check on her, offer a paci, get something for me to be a helper.  Brooke also is having a REALLY hard time listening lately and doesn't respect peoples personal space.  She will lunge at Charlie, kiss her with quite a bit of pressure and the baby will start crying.  Brooke also hugs and kisses Taylor and gets all up in her business, and Tay freaks out, over reacts, and often scratches her big sister.  Taylor is precious, as always, and sweet to her "Char Char Baybee" (yes, I like Taylor's nickname for C).  Tay likes to hold Charlotte and put her hand on her face or rub her.  After she's held her for a bit, she'll test the limits and start squeezing her, which makes her fuss, and then she's off.  Lil stinker!  All in all... we're good! Charlotte is a dream and we are beyond blessed that the Lord entrusted her in our care.<3 div="" nbsp="">