Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home : A Merry Little Christmas

Oh my gracious ! It's been so long since I've blogged ! I've been very very busy and I haven't found the time and well just to warn you ... this post is going to be pretty short. 

Charles and I have a fairly small house so we try not to fill it with a lot of junk. That being said, our Christmas tree was a fun challenge.  I saw a few years ago an idea that my aunt made and I fell in love ! 

Any idea what this precious little tree is made from ?

Here's a hint ... tomato

 Here we are with our precious little tree !

 The perfect height/size to put out and decorate in about 15 mins and enjoy for years to come !

 Charles likes decorating because every ornament is NCSU related :)

Here she is all shiny and bright ! 

I tried to find a blog/tutorial to make one but no one had one like this and I made mine last year.  Okay it's really really easy.  Easy enough to make themed kids/kitchen/outdoor trees and a lot of them !

Tomato Cage - home improvement store
Garland - dollar tree/target/walmart.  I think I used 4 strands(buy extra, you can return it later)
One strand of lights - we had/you can purchase anywhere
One rubber band or other fastener

How to
1. Join 4 metal points of tomato cage with rubber band or other fastener. 
2. Start at the top of the "tree" wrapping the structure with garland to fill in all holes.
3. Secure garland at the bottom.
4. Wrap strand of lights around the tree.
5. Decorate !!!

Seriously it's that easy ! And mine cost about $8 !!! It's so easy to put up each year ... we keep the lights on and pop it out whenever we're ready to decorate :) and remember to light your Evergreen or Mistletoe candle to add a refreshing pine fragrance to the house !


  1. OK, so my mom about 5 or 6 years ago, made like 15 of these things and used outdoor lights and used them to decorate the yard!!!

  2. exactly !!! Such a great idea ! I bet it was beautiful !