Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Ever since Charles and I have been married, it seems our weekend have always been busy!  Don't get me wrong, we love doing things but come on ... give me a break... it's the weekend for pete's sake !  Just 2 little ole days where you have to cram in cleaning, family, friends, church all before the dreaded MONDAY returns. 

Wait wait I left out something, aren't you suppose to relax on the weekend ?  That rarely happens for us!  But when that time comes ... we are truly thankful for a little break!  Here's a few pictures from this weekend :) Enjoy !

Our redneck bonfire ... complete with roasted marshmallows

                                C.G. i.e. NCSU Football Player (what a sport)
                      I made him dress up for our church's Fall Festival with me :)

 Strike a pose !

          Me - NCSU Cheerleader   
We got a lot of really cute compliments from folks Halloween night :)

I love him so much !!!

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