Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Finds : Ben & Jerry's Carrot Cake Ice Cream

So I was planning on making Chicken fajitas for dinner last night (I swear Charles and I eat so much chicken we're going to turn into chickens one day !)  Anyways I got home and was getting prepped for dinner and I come to find out ... we're out of chicken !? Okay we did have 1/4 chickens (with bones for grillin) and whole chickens (for roasting) but not more chicken breast ! Yikes, okay okay I could have changed my dinner plans but I had already had my taste buds set on chicken fajitas (thanks to my great friends who helped me with my dinner dilemma on facebook!)

So I did what any middle class American would do, I headed to Walmart... haha yeah take that how you may :)  Assuming it was going to be a mad house, I made a short list and headed out, Charles comes home at 7 for dinner so I knew I had to have it made by then.   I don't know about you but if I go to the store right before a meal/when I'm hungry ... some "extra" things end up in the cart :) 

There's one item I had my eye on for a while ... here it is ladies and gents ...
Go ahead and drool, I know you've spotted this at your local walmart too :)
Alright I am now going to direct you over here Rodzilla Reviews for a more "indepth" study of this delectable treat, he nailed it ! (sorry for the mild language in his post)

My "scoop" :  haha lets just say I didn't think Charles would be happy with my $2.50 splurge for a pint of ice cream (he probably though it was that time of the month) I should have bought this awhile ago, Walmart had it on sale for $1.98!  Sooooo after our delicious chicken fajita dinner I showed him the secret in the freezer ... he was happy ! He grabbed one spoon (awww we shared)  and we sat on the couch and played along with Jeopardy and ate the yummy treat together !!!

Get it ... and enjoy it :) We limited ourselves and only had 1/3 of the pint together last night ... I'm sure we'll both be racing to the freezer after dinner ... tonight might require 2 spoons :)

** And on another note, I LOVE Carrot Cake ! I have a killer recipe that I will share with you soon :) **


  1. um, yum?! i too am a carrot cake fan (minus the raisins, please)...that looks SO good!

  2. haha yeah girl ! Minus carrots or nuts for me :) This ice cream is sooooooo good !