Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Browsing : Gotta have it !

So I just found an old classmates blog and I stumbled upon a fantasic find ... okay okay here's a little background on this styling tool I want so badly.

                                               Conair You Curl Clipless Iron

I use to have long, gorgeous hair that would scrunch perfectly !  Now my hair is not even wavy, it's just limp and funky looking when I try to scrunch it :(  This morning I was getting ready for work and Charles said "honey, I like how your hair use to look,  it just looks wet now."  Agreed, agreed, and agreed. 


And you're telling me this little tool can make my hair look like this !?!?!  Cough Cough my birthday is coming up Cough Cough December 1st,  and Christmas Cough Cough is right around the corner ... haha

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