Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good Finds : My AMAZING husband !

Okay okay ... I know what you're thinking ... CHEESY! But seriously ... he is amazing! I praise the Lord and thank him DAILY, often multiple times a day for this amazing man I have in my life.  Speaking of my life, I need to share "my story" with you sometime !  mMm it's a good one filled with twists and turns, heartache, pain, and unbelievable grace and joy :)

Okay back to my post.  Soooo Charles had off today, and I did not, i.e. he had some free time last night because he had the whole day to himself today.  One would think, why not be lazy and do the same things we do every night (Kim - cook, clean a little, watch stupid tv shows, bed.  Charles - eat, study, read, bed.) but oh no ... to my surprise and amazement, my husband and I had a rare weeknight bonding time.

Both comfy and relaxed enjoyed a meal together (leftovers) while watching an episode of Andy Griffith on DVD.  We then, cough cough spent a little time together cough cough as married folks do and had a sweet sweet time of prayer aloud together for each other.  We then decided to play a few games, board games and card games that is :) Charles dominated the night winning Settlers of Catan (yeah nerdy game but really fun) and Rummy!

Isn't he precious ! mMm I love him so much !
The fun didn't end there ... we then had a great time of fellowship and read a few Psalms together ... aloud to each other and in unison.  How precious hearing God's word spoken from my husband's sweet lips to me and over me.  And then we ended the evening eating yummy apples and watching one of my trashy shows Hellcats .  Then went to bed.

Okay I know you really don't care at all about my little ole plain Jane life, but I do and welp, I'm going to write about it in my little ole blog :) 

Sometimes we get so selfish, we think that we are #1 and that we are so busy living life ... GOD gets in the way.  Yes, I said it and you know you feel that way sometimes (and if you don't feel it, you act like it).  You feel like your life is too busy to read the Bible or take some time to pray other than at meals and if there's something wrong.  Well you know what, that's wrong and God desires a RELATIONSHIP with us, not a "oh hey how are you, uhhh I need your help, yeah thanks see you later when I screw something else up", an everyday "I love you, I need you, I am so thankful for you."  And my wonderful husband, a truly man of God who is taking our marriage seriously and is dedicating everything we do to the Lord took the time last night to truly show me how much he cared about me by bathing me in the word and covering me in prayer.  If that doesn't bless your heart, I don't know what will ! 


  1. Kim,
    I love reading your blog! It looks like y'all are so happy. :) Zach and I LOVE Settlers- we are definitely a game playing family!

  2. Arielle ! Hey ! How are you? YES we are soooo happy! And we give God ALL the glory! :) I'm glad I found your blog now too, where do you and Zach live now ?