Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Warriors : Here we go Pack !

What a weekend ! Seriously, our weekend are almost ALWAYS jam packed!  I joke but I would really appreciate a weekend to recover from our weekends :)  Here's a recap ...

Friday night: Dinner was my go to / kinda favorite meal (Grilled BBQ Chicken, mac n cheese, and green beans.  I slacked and didn't make corn bread)

We also rented 2 movies from Blockbuster Express (like Red Box, but better in New Bern because a lot of people don't know about it!) Welp, here I go blabbing my big mouth ! They are at Food Lions and Piggly Wiggly's and since we've signed up, we've gotten a free movie code almost every week ! This weekend was a buy one get one free, so $1 for 2 flicks :)  So we watched :

Hilarious ! Charles and I really liked this movie ! Some mildly crude parts but definately PG-13 :)

Loved it ! I had seen it but Charles had never.  Bless his heart he will watch all chick flicks with me and he even said "hey honey, isn't that your Mc Dreamy guy from that show you watch?" Well yes it is ! haha I had the precious songs stuck in my head all day :)

Saturday :  A little get together with our faithful NCSU Alum friends in New Bern hosted by this great family oh yeah and over here too ! It was Senior day and home coming and we put a royal smackdown on Wake Forest :) We're so proud of the Wolfpack ! We have had a great season and are truly thankful for what being a part of the Pack means ... i.e. sticking with your team NO MATTER WHAT... and a shout out to the wolves (I use to be this precious little thing at NCSU) 

Thanks Nate :) Awesome job my friend !  Charles has a man crush on you and well, i'm kinda a fan of your belly (there's power in that thing, seriously my motto is "fear the belly")

We had a delicious meal and I made a few easy/yummy goodies :)

                                                                     Rice Krispy Treats

Pumpkin Apple Muffins
With a few changes - Omit all fresh/Chopped apples and use 1 1/2 C of unsweetend apple sauce instead

Sunday: Great time at church (BFG and Worship Service)!  Speaking of ... we are transitioning from "Sunday Schools" to "Life Groups" and also we're doing the "Orange Curriculum" in the Children's Ministry... any words of advice/stories of your church ?  We are very excited ... okay I could talk a lot more about this but not in this post :)

Then I went to a Baby Shower for a sweet friend :) and we had dinner/dessert with another sweet couple !

See what I mean ... I seriously need an extra weekend to recover from my weekend :) 


  1. thank you (: the fishtail braid is one reason i still haven't cut my hair yet. also, my hair grows so slow! (good luck growing yours out!)

    looks like you had a fabulous weekend. all of the PACK had a fabulous weekend due to that win!!

    and all of your goodies looks amazing and yummy!

  2. Thanks ! yeah quick and easy finger foods for the game :) I can't wait to post more recipes and tutorials on my blog! Food photography is actually really tough (yours always look great !)