Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Finds : Hair Curling success !!!

Yay for parent's ... yay for birthdays ! Yay for early birthday presents (I was suppose to be a Turkey day baby but I wanted to cook a little longer, December 1st)

Which means, Mom and Dad normally give me my birthday presents early on Thanksgiving :)  This year was 3 GREAT GIFTS !

1. Conair You Curl - AMAZING !
2. Tresemme Dry Shampoo - Bye bye baby powder !
3. Barely There Undies - Soooo comfy !

 haha yes these are 3 things I highly ... HIGHLY recommend you own :)

Here are some pictures of my first attempt with the youcurl ... I love it ! The curls stayed all day !

Here I am today ... a little dry shampoo and a little curl freshen up this a.m. ... yep, one happy girl :)


  1. your hair looks SO pretty! i love it!!

  2. Thanks Linley !!! It's such a great hair tool ! You should get one :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm such a hair curling failure! What makes this better than a "regular" curling iron? I'd LOVE to try anything out that won't make me look like such an amature. :)

  4. This one doesn't have a clip so all you do is curl the hair around the rod and it creates a fun "taylor swift" kind of curl :) Check out this video for a really good tutorial/curling outcome!

  5. Oops I mean this video ...