Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to curl your hair with a sock! Puhleeze ...

So after my last post, a friend commented on facebook with this video.  She said here sister has tried it and it works really well !!! Well if you know me, or if you don't know me you're getting to know me through this blog, I am willing to try ANYTHING ... atleast once ... so here it goes !

Here's a slide show of my attempt of this process :

Sock Roll

High pony tail

Rolled sock bun (really difficult)

After 8 attempts :(

Cute little bun

Sittin on the top of my head

In the morning. The bun survived !
A hot mess :(

Sad little fluffy kinky curls

Attempt 1 ... fail
Seriously ... this was a lot more difficult than this girls video!  When I had my ponytail on the top of my head, my no-layered hair turned into 5 different layered sections and was nearly impossible to get a nice, neat, tightly curled bun :(  Oh well, I put a comb through it for soft waves, pulled it up half way and was out the door !  I'm glad Charles wasn't awake yet to see this ... he probably would have laughed ! Y'all let me know if you try this method and it works for you !


  1. haha kim, your so funny. Come see me and get some layers in that hair! :) it will help your curls a little

  2. haha oh Stacy ! My hair is just struggling lately ! It's just sad b/c it use to be so easy to work with and great :( oh well ! haha You laugh but it that sock thing really worked... I'd be rockin that look every day !

  3. my hair definitely did not curl as lovely as the girl's in that video - which was a bummer. maybe we just need to practice a few more times! (: good luck! (and I kind of really like how yours just curled the ends!!)

  4. haha thanks Linley ! Yeah I know... it was ok except for the big fluff of hair that didn't curl in the middle :( I love your 30 in 30 feature on your blog, very cute outfits !