Friday, January 27, 2012

From our kitchen to yours: Good Earth

Good morning faithful readers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while :( There's been no real important updates, or extremely fun things happening in my life right now to blog about, but... we have had some surprisingly delicious food. So, here's a post on a $1 find at one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree!

I don't normally like "boxed" dinners because they're too salty and FILLED with preservatives, but not this one... 100% whole grain, no artificial flavors or preservatives! Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto

Contents of the pouch: whole grain brown rice, seasoned panko bread crumbs, wine sauce, and risotto seasoning.

Simple step by step instructions :) Yes, much fancier than most boxed meals... "stay in and go all out!" ... cute!

Step 1: Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a 2-Quart sauce pan over medium-high heat for 1-minute. Add rice, stir one minute.

Add water, milk, sauce and seasoning, heat just to boil, reduce heat, cover simmer for 20 minutes without stirring. Uncover, simmer for 5 minutes stirring frequently.

Cut your thawed chicken, yes, this is the only component not included in the box.  Start the chicken once the rice is simmering for 20 mins.

Empty bread crumbs into a large bag and toss chicken until fully covered.

Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, I was surprised they didn't say EVOO, to medium-high, add chicken to hot oil, cook until deep golden brown.

mMm then I took it out of the oil and placed on a paper towel to drain some of the grease.

Add a veggie, also something you have to provide (not in box) and enjoy! See, it looks much fancier than most boxed dinners!

Well done Kim for finding this steal at Dollar Tree :)  Oh yes, a little information on Good Earth ... I'm not sure why I found this at the Dollar Tree... it was not out of date, or some strange flavor no one would want.  I swear I've seen this same product on the shelf at Walmart for almost $4, and didn't purchase it because of the price! Anyways, their website has a coupon for $1 off, and the have other yummy flavors such as, Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta, Mediterranian Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta, and Spicy Citrus glazed shrimp (yeah, i'd expect to see that one at Dollar Tree) ... So there ya go, Kim's stamp of approval, maybe you should try it for dinner sometime soon!

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