Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From our kitchen to yours : Bake Pops

Yep, you read it  right ... Bake Pops, not Cake Pops! I'm sorry Bakerella that I do not like the taste of your precious treats :( Sadly, I am not normally a "texture" kinda girl, but every time I have tried to enjoy a "cake pop" a friend has made at a party, I politely finish the bite in my mouth and discard of the rest... the word "pre-chewed" always comes to mind.  Given, I have seen some AMAZING creations made out of this undesirable treat ... wow, really!? I could never make these!!!

Yep, Bakerella's amazingness right here ...

So it all started when I was feverishly trying to get a Christmas list together for family, and I had a wapping 3 things on my list :

1. Cash
2. Walmart or Target Gift Cards
3. Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii  (I may need to do a review on this later)

Anyways, there's always some sort of craft or bake ware item that I am pining for but I couldn't seem to think of anything ... so I looked on my Pinterest account and noticed I had pinned some great ideas to decorate cake pops.  I had seen tons of  "cake pop bakers" online, but they only make around 6-12 pops, I knew I would need more and didn't want an appliance.

So, I found this ... Bake Pop Pans !  Haha yes, the As Seen on TV scared me ... but the concept, PERFECT! Basically a doughnut hole made from any cake or brownie mix, that is just what I wanted!  So I did a little research and everything sounded hokey, yeah like go to a page and when you "x" out it pops up messages telling you about deals and "are you sure you want to leave", ha ... well yes, if I clicked "x", that was my plan :) okay okay, I digress.   After my research I said "aw heck, Kim, go ahead and add it to your list."  So I did ... yep, fourth and last thing on my Christmas list, I'm a simple kinda gal!

Needless to say, I was getting excited when Christmas morning rolled around... Money (check), gift cards (check), Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii (check) ... but wait, where's my bake pops!?!?! haha silly me forgot we had changed our family plans and still had fellowship and festivities at another family members house... and yep, there they were and I was happy as a clam...  2 for the price of 1 ... BAKE POP PANS!
                                       Bake Pops

Once we got home from all our of holiday traveling, the first thing I did was make some treats, and oh my were they fantastic!  Check out the process below :)

Use any cake mix, boxed or from scratch, or even brownie mix!  Thicken the mix by adding an extra egg, milk instead of water, or some instant pudding.  I used Pumpkin Spice bread mix and Vanilla Spice Egg Nog :)

Coat the insides of both pans with non stick spray and preheat the oven to 350.

Fill bottom pan with mix.

Place top pan (with hole) on top ... haha yeah, great directions, Kim!

Place two yellow silicon clips in designated area.

Pop those goodies in the oven! It's okay if you over fill :)

Yep, my hubby was the first to say it "THOSE LOOK LIKE BOOBS" great for a bachelor party ? hahaha

Just what I was worried about, a really harsh rim from where the pans join :(

Watch out Martha Stewart, I'm a genius in the kitchen! Yep, pulled out my handy dandy cheese grater and filed off the edge (a microplane would work too, I just don't have one)

Check em out! Perfect little bake pops!  From here you can go either way: Bake pops on a stick or Doughnut holes.  I chose doughnut holes because I was bringing them to my office to place beside the coffee pot in the break room.

Look in the fridge and see what you have to add a little pizzazz to your treats ...

Voila! Pumpkin and Vanilla Spice Egg Nog Doughnut Holes with Cream Cheese glaze and Pecans! They were a huge hit with the coworkers and husband! 

I already have TONS of flavor combinations running around my brain, and my stomach :) Can't wait to try some more! This was a great buy and a perfect answer to my Cake Pop dilemma!

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