Friday, January 13, 2012

Crafty Creations: Bake Pop Flavors

Well, I know this should probably go under "from our kitchen to yours" but I felt a little "crafty" while making up all the fun flavor combos! 

So, I do love my bake pop pans... and it's super easy to make a bunch of them in a really short amount of time!  2 boxes of $1 boxed cake mix at the store makes 72 bake pops ... or 4 pans, wow! I had no idea I made that many last weekend! Needless to say, they lasted through one dinner meeting, one life group, and split the rest between our two offices last monday!

Here's a few pictures of the flavor combinations I came up with :)

mMm ... yep the trick to keep them from rolling around is styrofoam wrapped in wax paper with halves of toothpicks !

I'm getting hungry just looking at them!

Yes, please... I'll take ONE OF EVERY FLAVOR!

What a beautiful mess! I just love coconut and pecans!

Yellow cake, peanut butter, chocolate frosting, pecans and coconut ... heavenly!

Chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting with a chocolate buttercream garnish.

Chocolate cake, peanut butter, and a lil chocolate buttercream heart :)

I did go a little crazy with flavor combinations, but I was having fun! Just prep your bags with icing and have your "sprinkles" ready and go to town!

Some other combos pictured:

Yellow cake, strawberry jam, and peanut butter garnish
Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream (do the same with chocolate cake)
Yellow cake with cream cheese frosting (do the same with chocolate cake)
Yellow cake with strawberry jam and a swirl of cream cheese frosting
Chocolate cake with strawberry jam and a swirl of chocolate frosting
Yellow and Chocolate cake with nutella, coconut and pecans

and so on and so forth ... Hope y'all enjoyed this delicious post!

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