Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pregnancy: Food

So these past 18 weeks have been very easy... too easy in my book. 
I have maybe thrown up twice...
No big problem with smells...
I sleep great...
I wake up to pee a lot (but I already did that pre-baby, 2 times a night is now 4)
Not much acne...
And I like, but I'm not abusing food.

You're only suppose to have 300 extra calories a day.  Yep, that's really not much.  Since I work 45 mins from home, I have to wake up early to eat breakfast at home, or I just eat in the car.  I like to pick something and stick to it for a while, it makes it easy as a routine in the morning.  Right now I'm stuck on...

2 waffles, toasted, with a little bit of margarine, a glass of skim milk, and a little saucer (about 3 tbsp) of no sugar maple syrup.  Could be better... but it could be worse!

Lunch, once again, I'm at work, is normally a frozen meal $1... 
$1 and pretty filling

 Or my most recent favorite... Wendy's .99 cent Monterey Ranch Crisp Chicken Sandwich!
I'm pretty obsessed with these suckers right now... yep, probably my lunch again today!

haha okay, I know all you health freaks are probably cringing right now!  Sorry :)  It's easy, cheap and it tastes good. If I were better, I would prepare extra food to not only have as another leftover meal for Charles' lunch, I would make enough for me too... but I don't.

A snack at work is normally a banana, string cheese, and almonds.  Yes, I keep snacks in my drawer at work... I hate our vending machine options!

Dinner is anything from a frozen pizza with celery and carrots, salad with grilled chicken,  some kind of Italian pasta/sauce/chicken, or any combo of grilled chicken/rice/veggies.  That's kinda the norm around our house... Chicken, chicken, chicken.  Can I prepare other meats? Sure I can! Do I want to spend the extra money for seafood, pork or beef... nope! I we get those when we go out to eat (which is ehhh maybe once a month, pending coupon or gift card) haha we're a hoot.

Oh yes, and I have "craved" as Charles would say... Cheesecake, apple pie, regular wavy potato chips, and french fries! But friends, those have, and will always be my favorite foods, nothing abnormal for pregnancy!

The only food I really don't enjoy right now is...

Yuck, I can't stand the stuff! In a sandwich, on a cracker, or even in a granola bar.  It just doesn't taste good to me. Not that I loved it before, but I at least liked it, now, I steer clear of it.  I don't even think I'd eat a peanut butter cookie!

Okay, that's all for now!


  1. You are so funny. I craved salt like crazy with Owen. I don't remember really craving anything in particular with Peyton. Your mention of Wavy Potato Chips made me laugh.. I liked Ruffles.. Lays Wavy just didn't cut it lol!!

  2. Yes Kim completely cringing at those foods!!!!!!! haha