Monday, June 4, 2012

Nursery Ideas: Paisley

So like I mentioned before, we're not going for super girly.  Do I want a theme? Nope. Do I want a nursery set in a bag with matching "quilt"?  Nope. Do I want to create a classic/preppy/relaxing atmosphere to soothe little miss and mom and dad? YES!  

Here's the idea right now... all of this depends on getting the fabric I want (yes, I will make my own curtains, glider cushions, etc)

This is the best fabric I can find right now, but a good idea to start... It's a little busy for my taste, but will only be used sparingly.

  My problem with "themes" is some people take this to the extreme... You know say your kids theme is frogs, well Aunt Suzy Q will think of you and your child EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE SEES A FROG TOY/DECORATION AND BUY IT FOR YOU... so your baby's room starts overflowing into the entire house due to the ridiculous amount of frog items you receive.  But if that's your style, go for it!  The other big items, stroller, carseat, high chair, will be gender neutral to use for other kids.  The nursery will be Brooke's so no need to go gender neutral here. 

White furniture, I think I'm going to paint one wall pink (I'm really not opposed to pink, y'all.  I'm opposed to glitter, any fabrics other than cotton, denim or fleece) The dresser/changing table I think will be the aqua color :)  Welp, that's the thought for now!


  1. i love the print! i think you'll come up with a super cute and classic nursery :) i have no doubt!

  2. Don't worry. Not all girls are prissy. Claire is certainly not. She would rather have a stuffed dog than a baby doll. She would rather play with blocks and balls than grocery carts or baby strollers. She loves it outside and loves tractors. Yet at the same time, she is as sweet as any little girl could ever be! :)

  3. Charles thinks this pattern is too "busy"... I'll keep looking!