Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From our kitchen to yours: Turtle Cheesecake

Well, Charles and I finished the last slice of cheesecake last night... so I thought I'd put up the blog post now so I didn't rush home and finish off whatever was left :) 

(I think I only changed the crust, one bag of fake oreos, 1 stick of butter) 

But the desire and inspiration came from:

 Sorry no picture but Walmart carries 2 slices of this companies Turtle Cheesecake in the freezer section for less than $2... and it was amazing!

I'm not going to post the ingredients list and stuff, because it's on the link above, but here are some pictures of my creation in the making!

Most of the ingredients
My favorite tool to make cookie crusts!
Pour in the melted butter...
Now it's all combined! Dump it out and put it in the springform pan!
Cookie goodness :)
I use a smaller pan (this was a 6" in a 9" pan) to help evenly spread the crust.
Good ole stand mixer with my favorite scraping beater
Smooth and creamy!
All done! I think mine took about 55 mins to bake (the recipe said 30-40... bah)
I always loosen the cake from the edge with a thin paring knife.
Gotta have the little rim to hold the topping in :)
The finished cheesecake!

Yep, very... VERY yummy! Everyone approved :) Especially baby Brooke!

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