Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flip it, Flip it Good: Fixing up a Foreclosure

So, we are in the process of fixing up a foreclosure. Yep, switching out appliances, getting matching ceiling fans, door, knobs, painting, seriously this list could go on FOREVER! 

Warning: This post has A LOT of pictures! These are the "before"... i.e. the first time we walked in the house.  The "after" will come when the work is done! I may post some progress pictures at a later date. 

Front porch.

Front view of house.   

Front entry room, living room to the left, dining room to the right.

Dining room, standing in the front entry room.  Door you see is to master bedroom on far right side of the house.  We are keeping it this color.

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath

Master Bath WIC

Master bed WIC


Walk in pantry

Dining knook in the kitchen

Laundry/mudroom off the kitchen

Mudroom side of laundry room

Part of living room

Other side of living room.  Kitchen to the right, 2 beds and a bath to the left.

Steps leading upstairs, hallways to 2 beds and a bath.

Front of living room, entry room, hallway pantry to kitchen.

Coat closet under the stairs

Guest hallway bath

Bathroom #2 linen closet

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Bathroom #3

Upstairs awesome room connected to bathroom, closet and other bedroom.  Could be bedroom #4.

Bedroom #5 or office/craft room.

Another view of my favorite room, from above i.e. awesome room :)

Upstairs hallway with linen closet leading towards bonus room.

Bonus room at the top of the steps.

Door to close off upstairs from downstairs, looking into bonus room.

Steps to downstairs.
View from bottom of the stairs, whole living room, entry room, dining room and kitchen.

Driveway/side yard.

Two, working AC units

Rickety ole deck on the back porch, leading into kitchen.

Back of house.

Detached 2 car garage.

Nasty ole shed.

Shed filled with CRAP!

2 car garage filled with CRAP.

I still cringe remembering the HOURS, SWEAT, and MANY trips to the dump to get this thing cleaned out!

Back of garage with extra storage... yes allllllll cleared now.

Back property line.
 What's been done so far:
  • Pressure washed house and garage.
  • Painted exterior doors and faux shutters navy.
  • Cleaned out garage and shed.
  • Mowed the lawn and prepped front for a flower bed (just putting in bushes)
  • New back deck
  • Ripped out old carpet
  • Primed and first coat on ALL interior walls (Valspar Hopsack with white trim and doors)
  • Repainted all interior doors.
  • Changed out all ceiling fans to match
  • Took off all old door knobs (have new ones to put on after painting is done)
  • Took off all old cabinet pulls (painted brushed nickle, will show on another blog post)
  • Replaced the microwave.
  • Fixed a few leaks in the roof.
  • Fixed holes/cracks in the walls (obviously before paint)
  • Put up a new mailbox
  • Baseboards upstairs
  • Cable/internet and phone upstairs
  • Changed out exterior door knobs/deadbolts on house and garage.
What still needs to be done:
  • Front flower bed/bushed planted
  •  Finish painting
  • Lay new carpet and vinyl (upstairs bathroom)
  • Put on new door knobs.
  • Put on painted cabinet pulls.
  • Check/replace outside motion lights on house and garage.
  • Install upstairs bathroom fixtures (sink, toilet, vanity).
  • Install 2" plantation blinds upstairs (to match downstairs)
  • Rake gravel driveway/bring in more gravel (maybe)
  • Get a mosquito spray treatment or two.
  • Give it a good cleaning.
  • Put in on the market... 
  • Pray it sells...
  • Make a little cash...
  • Or live in it because it won't sell!
I probably missed something important, but other than that... we're definitely on the short end of the list now (PRAISE THE LORD) It's an adorable house, that we love! On a little over an acre on a private lot with only a few neighbors around.  The biggest problem is really poor cell phone reception.  The biggest advantages, plenty of room for family, friends, and future babies!  Not to mention we can shoot on our property, yeahhhhh! haha Alright, that's all for now.  More updates to come soon!


  1. I'm impressed! Can't wait to see the AFTERS!

  2. Thank you!!! I can't wait until all the work is completed and we can breathe a sigh of relief :)

  3. Candice, we did everything except the carpet (we don't know how to lay carpet!? it would look terrible!) paint (I can't be around the fumes), and the leaks in the roof (we don't know how to do that either) haha So we paid a small contractor to do the skilled work. Our neighbor who works for a cable company taught Charles how to do the cable,phone and internet!

  4. That house is amazing! I would totally live in it, it's huge! The house we live in now was a foreclosure and we're STILL working on it! House flipping is definitely something we're interested in though and will probably look into doing once we're able to start buying houses after November. Where is this located/ how big is it? And, if you don't mind me asking, how much did you guys pay for it?

  5. Thanks Brittany! Where is your house? Raleigh? I sent you a FB message with all the other details :)