Monday, August 22, 2011

Crafty Creations : Part 5

AMAZING ! Simply amazing ! Looking back at these pictures wows me ! 4 1/2 projects and all insanely successful !? AMAZING

Okay this is a really random post but still blog worthy in my opinion.

My sweet sweet friend saw my first "one shoulder" el cheapo dress and really really wanted one to wear to ECU football games.  We saw some on a website and were SHOCKED at the price, oh no, so I got creative :)  Here we are making her purple and gold dress, it's almost finished ... and was made out of a polo shirt and a t-shirt soo hummm less than $10 bucks.

And in case my mom reads this, I made this dress the right way ... i.e. sewing a front and back top (lined with matching fabric) so the dress would hold it's structure for a very very long time.  All of mine have been quick and easy.  Hopefully I'll post a finished picture of the ECU gal dress soon !

And on another note, my husband, yeah don't leave him out ... his name is on the blog too ! This is one of my favorite "Charles ideas" that has allowed us to function very effectively in the kitchen...

We received a free sample of dish washing liquid in the mail a while ago (note the mini dispenser) but we buy the big boy to get the best value.  I have little hands and when they are slippery, lets just say that super huge guy is hard to hold.  Soooo my amazing husband, thought of this... simply use the little one (takes up less space on the counter, easy to handle, and cute) and keep the big daddy under the sink and refill when needed.  Man, am I blessed or what !? Seriously, I knew he was a keeper.

Okay, that's all for me.  Sorry I didn't post these earlier this weekend.  Be blessed !

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