Monday, August 22, 2011

Crafty Creations: Pt 2

Precious Welcome Baby door "wreath"

I had seen these on Pinterest and really wanted to make one for a friend.  Well, that was easy, all of my friends are pregnant :), so happy for them !  Can't wait to join the club one day :) Anyhoo, see the pictures below and make one for your friend. Or, use the really really cheap idea for a wreath form and make door wreaths for every season/holiday !

Supplies (glue gun, $0.97 pipe insulation from Lowes, duct tape, fabric, scissors, felt, buttons, ribbon)

Cut the el cheapo tube in half and make a circle, secure with duct tape

Hot glue fabric around the form.  You can also cut a strip and wrap it around and around, I wanted mine to have some "ruffles"

Attach a bow to hang the wreath

Create cute little flowers out of felt circles hot glued together with a button in the middle

Hot glue "flowers" to the wreath

Cut a strip of coordinating paper and fold.  Draw triangles (having the largest part on the fold) and cut, to create your little flag pennant.

Write letters on each flag and secure onto embroidery thread with Tacky glue

Attach embroidery threat to wreath

Welcome lil Charlotte Mae (aka Charlie) Can't wait to meet you !

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