Monday, August 22, 2011

Crafty Creations: Part 3

Super easy dress for under $6

So I bought a men's 2 XL t-shirt a while ago b/c it was cheap and I wanted a cute black dress. Here's how I did it. 

Big ole t-shirt

Draw cut lines with chalk or pencil

Cut on cut lines (jersey knit doesn't fray, but it does roll/lose it's shape sometime. Once again, this was a cheap weekend kinda dress so I didn't care :)  and, I hate hemming jersey knit, I am terrible at it, so I didn't. AND I cheated/was smart and used the bottom of the shirt as the bottom of the dress, which was already hemmed )

Try on once you've made cut lines.  Pin and sew to "tighten" around chest.

Once you've sewed side seams (flip dress inside out and straight stitch down side) Measure waist with 3/4 in elastic (any size will work)

Flip dress inside out.  Pin ribbon, yes plain ole ribbon around the "waist line" of the dress.  Sew a straight stitch at the top and bottom of the ribbon.  Make sure your ribbon as a start and a stop and a narrow 1 cm gap inbetween, I recommend in the back. This will allow you to thread your elastic waist into the "casing".

Attach a safety pin to the elastic and thread through the casing to create your gathered waistline.

Finished product. Sorry I don't look cute, hahaha I fixed my hair and wore some big dangley earrings with it the next day to a baby shower and recieved many compliments :)

There she is :) Go make one !

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