Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From our kitchen to yours : Good eats

Well hey there ! Thanks for stopping by :) Today you're going to see two meals that are favorites at the Barrett household.  My wonderful husband prepares one of them on special mornings (i.e. weekends or days off like this past labor day) Enjoy !

Our lovely grill that I love cooking on :) So we're trying to eat healthier lately like fresh veggies and lean protien.  I always seem to have the perfect ingredients for shish kabobs around the house :) A meal we adore !

We use metal skewers. Use whatever meat, veggies and fruit, yes fruit you have on hand. Spray skewer with non stick spray (and the grill) so food doesn't stick. We used chicken, red and green peppers, vidalia onions, turkey smoked sausage (healthy and yummy), pineapple and brushed it with lemon pepper great value marinade.

Gotta get em nice and brown, the flavors really meld together when they are squished close together and play in the heat :)

Serve with bread or rice pilaf and enjoy !

 Hollywood Sandwiches
Okay, I can't remember if I've told ya'll about this family favorite before or not, so here it is again.  In Charles' hometown there was a little country grill by his high school, they had a big skillet top and made everything from burgers to biscuits.  Many times when we were dating or engaged I spent the weekend with his family and we had a special treat for breakfast, Hollywood Sandwiches (it was called Hollywood Grill, was, b/c someone ran into it and they are not rebuilding, thus, why we had to learn how to perfect it at home).  Oh yes, and Charles is the primary chef for this meal, the man has a touch with eggs :)

basic white sandwich bread
eggs (3 eggs mixed together with a splash of milk, like you're going to scramble them for 2 sandwiches)
Carolina Pride smoked sausage ( yes it must be carolina pride)
American Cheese (one slice per sandwich)
Black Pepper
Wax paper

Cut smoked sausage the size of a piece of bread, cut in 3 and take of casing.  Cook on griddle at 300 until smokey and brown .

Spray a large rectagle on griddle with non stick spray, reduce heat on griddle to 200 and pour on egg/milk mixture in a rectangle this will end up being 2 sandwiches

Use panini press or toaster oven to toast bread

Sprinkle black pepper over almost cooked eggs

Open toasted bread on a piece of wax paper

Add american cheese to egg

Cut egg in half and fold into a square sealing cheese in

Assemble egg/cheese on bread and top with cooked sausage

Wrap sandwich and wax paper and let set (you time to clean up in the kitchen) haha if you really want to get the flavor right... put sandwiches in paper bag and drive 5-8 minutes to make sure you smoosh them down well ( the amount of time it took us to drive back to the house from Hollywood Grill) haha really, you have to let them sit before you dig in !

Dig in ! Oh my goodness what goodness is this !

Clean up is so easy !

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