Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Finds - Christian Zumba Videos

I don't know really how I ran into this, but I did and I'm lovin it ! Okay okay lemmy start this again... I LOVE ZUMBA ! It's an amazing dance/cardio work out that has helped me enjoy exercise and lose weight.  It brings me back to my days as a cheerleader and learning dance routines, LOVE.  Okay SO I first experienced Zumba at our local Gold's gym from an amazing instructor, Michelle Smith who now has her own studio Z Fitness out west in Arizona.  Disclaimer: When I say Zumba, I mean the eastern NC/New Bern Zumba I have experienced.  All teachers are different and have different styles, that being said, I don't like Beto's original Zumba... I know he really made a name and a trend but his workouts don't work me out and they are too provocative.

These ladies in the youtube videos have christian songs and modified moves that give you a great work out and don't make you look like a hoochie.  Given, our routines now are nice and clean but it's always fun to be challenged and learn new routines. Soooo have fun, watch a few, heck, close your door and dance... I think I may :)

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  1. Hello Fellow Zumba Lovers!

    Check out this fun and exciting chance to show off your Zumba Moves for Christ!

    Keeping it Clean (Music Moves and All)