Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crafty Creations - Camping/Woodland Creatures Birthday Cake

Hello :)

Hope y'all are doing well !  Sorry I haven't posted in a while... Here's a little treat for you though! My friend Melissa knew I use to work at a bakery back in high school Blue Moon Bakery, Cary, NC (SOOOO GOOD) and also knew I was pretty crafty and asked me to make a birthday cake for her families camping trip. 

This was made last week kinda in a rush, so I apologized it didn't turn out better :( I was in Dallas 3 out of 5 days and had to work as well so it was a tough timeline, but it turned out well. My apologies for not taking more pictures of the process, as I said before, it was a little tricky trying to get it made in time .

The cake itself was 10" half chocolate cake with chocolate icing and the other half yellow with white buttercream. Basically picture two half cakes smushed together. I was too lazy to make the icing so I bought it from my local piggly wiggly, it tasted pretty good and was OK to work with.

Woodland creatures made out of clay

Cake without the creatures
Melissa and her family had a great time and really enjoyed the cake ! It was fun to do and I really enjoyed making the clay creatures with Melissa :) Thanks for encouraging my creativity, oh FYI - Melissa is an art teacher so it always makes me nervous crafting with her because well, she's a professional :) <3 

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  1. do a great job too! I love that we can encourage each others creativity :)