Friday, August 3, 2012

You Make Beautiful Things: Nursery

Well, as you've heard my rant before about not wanting Brooke to be a "girly-girl" or a "Princess"... I had a REALLY hard time finding a color scheme/design concept for the nursery! All of the "pre-made crib kits" were blah, to cheapy, cartoony and not me. I don't love characters. Yeah yeah yeah I know, if Brooke finds a way to LOVE Hello Kitty or My Little Ponies, I'll be a good sport and suck it up and deal with it. haha I'm kinda crafty so I decided to search on Pinterest and all of the local fabric stores for inspiration... I had a few good ideas, modern, preppy, calm, unique... and here's what I came up with!

Cute hangers with "brooke" and this "<3 br="br">

my actual fabric and supplies
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I have a glider and ottoman I am recovering and I have a dresser/changing table I think I'm going to paint the aqua color, with a pink changing table pad, and paint the drawers (parts you see when you pull it out) pink.  Also, I've got all different shapes and sizes of paper lanterns I'm going to put in the corner instead of a mobile!

nursery simplicity
And, I'll probably end up buying these letters... though they are really pricey, but I LOVE THE FONT! 

And I may get Charles to put up these "bookshelves"

And probably a banner like this too! 

haha okay, there's the plan! Now I need to move into my house and get some sewing motivation! Hope you enjoy a glimpse into Brooke Grayson's future room!


  1. Baby Brooke is going to love her room! Looks great Kim!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Melissa! Hope it turns out half and cute as I see it in my head :)