Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sounds like life to me: Stressed

This is how I feel most days... I hope I don't show it like this though!

Okay, so, you all know, we're having our first child in a few short weeks (11 or so) and we are overjoyed!  Well, if that's not enough to get you a little anxious... we've also got all of these things going in the next few weeks... 

1. Birth Class at the hospital Saturday 9am - 4pm
(missing a bridal shower, friends birthday party, and marriage simulcast)
2. Moving LABOR DAY WEEKEND (and setting up/organizing a house and nursery)
3. Charles started his last semester of grad school (ECU MBA)
4. Breastfeeding/baby care class at Dr. office (night 2 hours)
5. Newborn baby care basics class at the hospital (night 2 hours)
6. Baby Shower with my family
7. Baby Shower with the Barrett family
8. Baby Shower with my sweet Owen Bible Study Girls
9. Baby Shower with my sweet New Bern Girls
10. We have a house we flipped on the market
11. We have to get our current house ready and on the rental market (and get a renter)
12. NCSU Football starts AUGUST 31st
13. My new commute to work will be 57 minutes each way (as opposed to 44 minutes each way)
14. I still don't know my companies maternity leave policy
15. I am the leader for k-5 praise and worship for our church and we're splitting the kids into 4 large groups/services as opposed to the current 2 groups the 2nd week of September and we have no new volunteers to take over leading.

Prayers are greatly appreciated! haha I know God is good and I am sooooooooooo very blessed!  Here's a song that I absolutely adore that we do at Zumba ... the words are so good! Yes, I sing, and dance, and shake my baby belly...


  1. Girl, slow down and breathe! I will send you some of my 12 year old son's energy! He has plenty to spare!

  2. Wow that is one full plate! Remember to breathe and with such a full schedule that you'll get there when you get there. Don't rush!