Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pregnancy: 24 weeks and 2 days

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I've been TERRIBLE at doing updates and taking pictures.  My sincerest apologies to every mom to be I've ever ragged about not taking pictures!

 It just seems like 24 hours goes by WAY TO FAST right now!  Between working 8 hours a day, commuting 1.5 hours a day, fixing up a 3,000 sqft house until 10:30ish every night, and eating/sleeping... I don't have enough time.  Pooped.  Wiped out. EXHAUSTED.  Some mornings on my way to work or during my few days a week I get a chance to take a walk during my lunch break I stop and pray and thank the Lord for this wonderful life he's blessed me with and try to soak it all in and take advantage of every opportunity.

Yes, flipping a 2,900+sqft house is WAY more difficult than we assumed it would be! THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON! This week, Brooke and I picked up sticks/pine cones,mowed the 1.1 acre lawn, learned how to use a weed eater/weed eated...weed ate? (VERY DIFFICULT), killed moss, pressure washed, laid lawn fabric, planted bushes, hung door knobs, replaced switch plate covers, all while Charles was busy doing his separate list of duties! Yikes! Praise the Lord for a few good friends that have helped along the way too :) WE APPRECIATE YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! 

Anyways, you're here for a pregnancy update, not a life update!!!

23 weeks and 3 days
How far along? 24 weeks and 2 days! Glucose test at my next appointment
Total weight gain/loss: Gahlee, with all this manual labor I'm doing, I've probably lost a pound or stayed at 6lb gain!
Maternity clothes? My normal gauchos and summer dresses
Stretch marks?  Not any new ones... yes I already have some from puberty :(

Best moment this week: Deciding we're moving!!! Yes, we own a few houses ( Tobiano - 2 bed 2 bath less than 1,000 sqft we currently live in.  Bandon - 3 bed 2 bath with bonus room (all 1 story) about 1900 sqft we currently rent out.  Bearhole - 4 bed 2 bath double wide about 2000 sqft on a permanent foundation we rent out.  And now, State Camp 5 bed 3 bath with bonus room about 2900 sqft we're flipping)  WE'RE MOVING TO BANDON Sept 1st or Oct 1st! PRAISE THE LORD!
Miss Anything? Walking/jogging after work.  The heat + house flipping hasn't really given me the time to unwind/relax like I'd prefer to do.

Movement: Ohhhh yes! And still mainly right at bed time! That silly girl!

Food cravings: BREAKFAST FOODS! Gosh... I LOVE breakfast foods right now!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not at all, praise God!
Have you started to show yet: a little bit more each day.  My torso is so short, I just look fat! haha I had a kid at church ask me Sunday, "Miss Kim, are you pregnant?"  Yes, I am... why do you ask?  "Well you use to be skinny and now you just look fat."  BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART! haha
Gender: Brooke Grayson!!!

Labor Signs: No and they better stay away for a while
Belly Button in or out?  Still in
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! I'm not emotional/over emotional at all.  My hormones are totally in check, which is why I don't feel like I'm carrying a girl :) 

Size of Baby:  Should be about 13 inches and 1.25 lbs (per baby center)

Looking forward to:  Getting the State Camp house on the market! Praying fervently for a buyer!

Our soon to be home sweet home! We built this about 3 years ago :)


  1. Yay for decisions! Excited for all your new adventures!

  2. We're sooooooooooooooo excited! I can't wait to move!!!