Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Finds: Manual Lawn Mower

Soooo as I think I've stated before... we live in a tiny house, and with a tiny house, comes a tiny yard!  We pay our HOA dues and they are "suppose" to cover landscaping but no one has mowed, blowed, trimmed or edged in a few months now so we've had to pick up the slack ourselves so it doesn't look like we live in a jungle.

Front yard.

Side yard...


chig-uh-chig-uh... you know the sound it makes :)

Saving the planet... and getting a workout :)
I mowed the entire lawn in about 30 minutes with my woman power :) Yep... me and Brooke got a good lil workout and the yard got a haircut!  We bought this puppy used from a couple from church.  They're pretty pricey brand new ($100) ( I think we paid $30... if that)

Anyways, I love it and I have taken this on as my new chore at the house! Why yes, I do enjoy manual labor... and saving the planet AND MONEY! haha

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