Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Browsing : Blog Award :)

I was tagged in a Stylish Award post on Rebecca's Blog, Baby Claire's Blog.

Go check her out ! Seriously an amazing story of God's amazing grace seen through the premature birth of their little girl Claire Rose :)

The rules to play are as follows:

1.) I have to thank and link back to the blogger who gave me the award. I did that above! I love to read Rebecca's blog about their daughter Claire. She is a beautiful miracle and it's amazing to see Rebecca and Trent's faith in the Lord midst the struggles of their sweet girls health challenges.

2.) The next thing I have to do is share 7 things about myself that most people don't know.

1. Most people don't know I grew up cheerleading and was the Varsity Mascot at NCSU :) What a fun "job" it was ! I certainly miss it !

2. I hate odd numbers ! There's just something odd and uneven about them that I can't stand ! I will always choose and even number over an odd and I have a certain appreciation for 2's ?

3. I will never PLAN to have a child in December.  I am a december baby and well, it's terrible, but thanks for brining me into this world mom and dad :)  With Christmas, and cold weather, wedding anniversary, and all of the holiday celebrations it's just a busy busy time of year !!!

4. Cold pizza and strawberry yogurt is delicious :) Don't knock it til you try it ! So is saltines, cheddar cheese, and marshmallows broiled in the toaster oven !

5. Breakfast is my favorite meal :) I seriously could eat breakfast all day everyday, it's just the perfect food combination!  Hot (eggs, pancakes, sausage, etc) or cold (cereal, fruit, muffins, etc) it's my favorite food category.

6. I have the BEST husband in the WORLD !!! Seriously the Lord has blessed me so much in the last 2.5 years with the most amazing man ever ! Growing up with a dad with dementia was tough (diagnosed when I was a junior in high school). I thought I wanted a baptist youth pastor would could sing and play the guitar ... but I got a Jesus loving, NCSU alum, Farm loan officer I love to pieces ... my cup runneth over :)

7. I like REALLY REALLY hot showers and baths ... I think cold showers are torture.

3.) The final thing I had to do was tag 15 recently discovered bloggers to receive this Stylish Award. This is the hardest part for me because I don't have many readers! If I tagged you & you wish not to participate, no biggie. I was just trying to think of as many people as I could that I know how to contact who blog regularly & blogs that I enjoy reading. :) I could only come up with 9 today!

1. Doulos
2. Cup of Delight
3. Sunnyside Up
4. The Glove Box
5. Matt and Natalie
6. The Zesty Baker
7. Dwelling & Telling
8.  Happily "Everett" After
9. Just the Right Angle
10. Life with the Grimme's
11. Words and Wonder
12. Carolina City Girl
13. The Wootens
14. Serving in Chicago
15. Southern Sunshine

4.) The final step is to contact these people to let them know!


  1. 8. you co-hosted the most amazing bible study to ever come to NCSU. <3 owen girls

  2. thank you, ma'am! i still love the fact that you were mrs. wolf...too cute!