Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Finds : Weight Loss Helpers

Okay so losing weight is not fun ... at all... period. Charles and I found out the hard way that gaining weight and eating exactly what we want whenever we want and exercising every so often is a bad combination.  So now we have the fun part, trying to shed the pounds.

Charles found an app for our Android phones called myfitnesspal, and it is so great! You set up a profile with your existing weight and how much you want to lose and you're good to go, this handy app does the rest :) Okay it doesn't really do anything, you input your daily food (you can scan the barcode of food and adjust servings and such).  The fun thing is, it restricts your calories ... wait let me rephrase that ... it has a set number of calories you need to eat less than to lose weight, there that's it. haha so after every meal you see how many calories you have left for the end of the day :) SO FUN ! haha y'all think i'm on crack ... I'm not. 

Screen shots from their site
So when Charles and I get home we know we have to go work out (it also lets you plug in your work outs and the calories you burn so you know how many extra calories you have for dinner).  Dinner is our favorite meal of the day that we can sup together as husband and wife, and well, it's just better if we don't have to eat celery and 4oz of lean chicken !

Definately an inspiration ... yep, my fitness pal is, well, my pal :) Along with my hubby for encouragement, maybe I will be able to shed a few pounds.

Oh yes, and this little bit of deliciousness :) This was part of lunch today ... Yum!