Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Finds : Healthy(ish) Food

Okay, so I'm trying to tone up/lose some weight before I have to put on the dreaded bathing suit.  I may just rock a tankini and lil swim skirt this year ... haha yes, I'm getting older, I'm happily married and I'm gaining weight.  What a blessing ... I wouldn't have it any other way !

haha so some of the blogs I read have talked about a couple of products that were good so I decided to try them out. 
Athenos Greek Strained Yogurt
So I generally like yogurt.  Sometimes the texture of it is so blah I can't eat it for a prolonged period of time (like one cup per day for one week, then I get sick of it).  Well I heard Greek yogurt was packed with protein and little to no fat.   The yogurt by itself ... YUCK ! With the strawberries ... acceptable.  I doubt I'll buy anymore thought :(

                                       Breakfast on the Go Emerald Nuts

I love smores, and I really like nuts.  They are also a semi-healthy and a filling snack.  Also it wasn't even that expensive at Wal-Mart.  Warning : If you have delecate teeth, DON'T EAT THIS! hahahaha I know that sounds funny but I swear I was going to chip a tooth when I took my first bite :(  The graham cracker bits are the consistency of dog food (not that i've eated dog food) but you know when you can hear a dogs teeth crushing throught the dry food.  There are also these wanna be marshmallows in there that have no flavor and are also very VERY difficult to eat (I take them out).  Everything else in the little pack is great !  I'm interested in trying out some more flavors!

Anyways... I'll keep you updated on any other good healthy(ish) foods I find. Oh yes, and I've been doing ZUMBA ! So fun ! Here's a link to my instructors facebook page and some of her workouts on video ... isn't she precious !?!?!  ZUMBA

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