Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Browsing : From a friends blog

Stole this lil thing from this sweet girls blog
ENJOY learning some random little facts about me ! Repost on your blog :)

I am: a child of God, a daughter of the King

I think: I could live off cheese, potatoes, water and milk

I know: a lot of really random facts, which comes in handy when watching Jeopardy!

I have: the best husband ever ! I love you Charles Grayson !

I wish: I had a private jet, yep, one I didn't have to pay any of the expenses for :)

I hate: Carolina ... YUCK ! The Tarhole make me sick !

I miss: Being Ms. Wuf and cheering on the Pack

I fear: Being alone at night and hearing noises outside

I hear: My stomach grumbling :(

 I smell: nothing, but I wish I smelled a sausage egg and cheese biscuit

I crave: a smokes sausage egg and cheese biscuit

I search: for good deals on used items, right now, an elliptical :)

I wonder: how wonderful life will be in a few years when a couple of Baby Barrett's join our family

I regret: loving food too much and not exercising enough

I love: the Lord with all my heart ! And that love overflows to my wonderful hubby !

I ache: for the poor and needy kids and their families in St. Lucia and Chicago

I am not: Shy, I will seriously talk to anyone !!!

I believe: that there is one way to salvation (John 3:16)

I dance: a lot ! haha Zumba, stanky leg, shagging, you know :)

I sing: with the awesome kids at church (k-5 praise and worship team !!!)

I cry: quite a bit, they are mostly tears of joy though, y'all, I'm so blessed !

I fight: the urge to buy cute used stuff from goodwill/cragislist on a daily basis

I lose: at tennis to my hubby everytime we play

I win:  at best napper ever ! Seriously I can sleep a lot :)

I never: enjoy cleaning the bathrooms

I always: want dessert after a meal, yeah every meal, but I resist !

I confuse: myself a lot.  Charles helps me figure things out though :)

I listen: to country, pop, and Christian music on my 45 min commute to work

I am scared: the Lord will take me home with him before we have a family (kids)

I need: a smoked sausage egg and cheese biscuit ... and self control !

I am happy about: my life ! God is so good !

I can usually be found: at work or at home on the couch sleeping

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