Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Finds: Apple peeler, corer slicer

So ever since I attended my first Pampered Chef party, ehhh 15 years ago, my mom is a Kindergarten TA and I went along to all the "parties" with her, I have been obsessed with this invention!  SOOOOOO cool! But, I'm so cheap, I never wanted to pay the price they were selling for.  Every time I go to a Goodwill, I keep my eye out for one, and finally, the other day, I landed one!! Wooooo hooo, I was a happy girl!

Note, it's not Pampered Chef and it was a whopping $2.59 :)

So thankfully, we had 2 gala apples at home.  I got home, rinsed everything off, yeah yeah yeah I know I should have sterilized the contraption but I was too eager to peel, core and slice my yummy gala apple!

1. The clamp doesn't open wide enough for our counter so I had to put in on a TV tray.
2. The peeler function didn't work and it mushed the beginning of the apple.
3. One we got it started... PERFECTION! Soooo stinkin cool!
4. It cored like a champ!
5. Eating apples this way is just too fun :)
6. After we completed our 2 apples, we looked in the box and found a missing part... oops, haha guess we'll need to buy a few more apples and try out that peeling function again!

Here we go...

See the apple mush? This was before we fully tightened the clamp...

Almost finished...

Perfection! Look at that fun apple!

 Anyways, once we get the peeler function working, I can turn into an apple pie making machine, yep my old youth pastor's wife gave me an AMAZING recipe that I adore (thanks Bekah)!

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