Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sounds like life to me: The Power of the Cross

You see that video above, yes, click on it.  It's only about 5 minutes but the lyrics and the "main character" in the song is truly the reason I'm alive and breathing today, same goes for you, even if you don't want to admit it.

I'm so glad you're here! This says a few things to me:

a) You're a follower of mine and you check my blog regularly... bless you! hahaha
b) You randomly stumbled upon this post because you saw me post it on facebook and you were bored so you decided to click on it.
c) You were curious and decided to check it out even though you don't know me or share my same beliefs.
d) You googled something and my blog randomly came up, yes, that happens often... WELCOME!

(Yes, there are many, many more reasons you could be here but regardless of that reason, you're here and I've got some pretty amazing things to say today... so please stay.)

I'm not afraid to share my faith with anyone, family, friends, a complete stranger... if there's something you're that passionate about, you shouldn't be ashamed to shout it from the roof tops!

This is one of those for me.  
Jesus Christ
Son of God
God and man 
born of a virgin
was shamed
put to death on a cross
placed in a tomb
3 days later rose again
He is alive today!  

Did all that just sound like complete and utter nonsense to you? Are you someone that thinks, "yeah, great story but it's not for me, glad you like it, but please, don't shove it down my throat." Or was it more like "Kim, this is complete and utter craziness, he was just a guy people made up, you're wasting your time learning about him and following him. You're going to live a crappy life even though you've "drank the Christian cool-aid", your life is probably pretty boring and you Christians are too happy, sappy and nice. Thanks, but no thanks."


Did you think. "AMEN! Yes I know that man, I know him as my Lord, my Savior, my God! I know and believe what the Bible says and I follow that risen Savior with reckless abandon because I know, through his life, death and resurrection... and my admission of his existence, belief in his power, confession of my sin I will have eternal life in Heaven once I leave this Earthly life!" 

As you know, this weekend we celebrate Easter.  To some, Easter is all about pastel colors, eggs, bunnies, new dresses and spring.  To me, it's about remembering THE MOST AWFUL and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL event in all of time.

So once again, from my heart to yours...
1. God created the world, it didn't just happen by chance or a "big bang".
2. He also created you and me and everyone and everything else that is or has ever been alive.
3. Life WAS perfect, Garden of Eden... heard of it, Satan tempted us, we gave in, the perfection was destroyed and we messed things up.
4. Jesus was born and sent to Earth for one purpose, to save the world from the sin we created.
5. Jesus was alive on earth for only 30 some odd years but he came bringing good news and he made friends and foes.
6. He was publicly beaten and put to death on a cross.
7. He died.
8. Was put in a tomb.
9. Rose from the dead and now reigns as King of Kings and Lord of all in Heaven.
10. He is my Lord and Savior and I do hope you know Him as the same.

Please, if you want to comment, comment, if you want to email me or call me, I'd love to speak with you.  If you still think, after all this, that I am crazy and wasting my life and my life... so be it.  I will be praying for you because, dear friend, I would hate for you to die and spend eternity in Hell. And you know what, if I'm wrong and this whole Jesus thing isn't true... at least I lived my life having hope and faith in something that caused me to think beyond myself and positively impact people around me. 


  1. Amen, sister! Love your post! Have a blessed Easter. Cling to the cross!

    1. PS - my daughter sings "Where You There" solo with my son on keyboard. She is stunning and brings the church to tears every time. She sang it a few weeks ago in the main sancturay. She's 16 and the Lord shines out of her. Makes me cry to type this. Hugs my sister!

  2. Awesome! Oh wow,I would love to hear them sing, do you have a video? I hope you have a blessed Easter as well! It's so nice to have a friend and a "coworker" who shares the same beliefs, even if you live in California :)

    1. They don't have a video yet, as I have to do the sound etc. and let's say...hmmmmmmmmm. But, next time they sing at church I will tell you so that you can see/hear via live streaming. My husband, 20 yr old son, and 16 yo daughter have a little worship band and they are busy. The 11 you and I are not in the band for obvious reasons! My talent is in paper not music! hee hee

  3. I love this. Thank you for your reminder, and for your boldness :)

  4. Thank Sara... I don't post near enough about my faith as I should but when I get started on a subject, it's hard to stop! haha Praying for your wedding planning!

  5. Another big amen here too! That song always gives me chills and tears. I hope you have a very blessed Resurrection Day!

  6. Sounds great Gloria!

    Thanks you Gini! I hope you did as well :)