Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Growin' Like a Weed: Charlotte - 11 months

Height: 27" 
Weight: 20 lbs

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Charlotte's happy place is still in my arms/on my hip, still, but is finding a bit more freedom and independence.  She can stand for a good 30 seconds without holding on to anything!  I just keep waiting for her to try to move her feet! She is also into dumping toys and making a mess (board books, the kitchen set, magnets on the fridge) but it keeps her entertained and off me while I fix dinner, so we go with it!  She also seems to enjoy music when we have it on (but not really that much when she's strapped into the carseat, haha too bad it's not a good distraction!) Annnnd water! ANYTIME she sees water... she's in it!

Dislikes: If someone other than Mommy picks her up, haha or if I move away from her sayyy 5 feet to grab something.  She also gets pretty darn ticked when you take something away from her that she's not suppose to be chewing on (shoe, small toy, toothbrush, toys Brooke and Taylor leave on the floor, mulch, sand, etc.). Car rides, strollers, and shopping carts pail in comparison to my arms and HEAVEN FORBID I stand up to put away something when we're playing. Still not a fan of her car seat and she really gets ticked when I make her sit down to put on her seatbelt, haha chill pill little missy!

Sleeping: Two naps a day.  2-3-4 schedule.  Wakes around 7ish naps 2 hours after she wakes up (normally an hour to 1.5 then is awake for 3 hours takes a 2 hour nap that normally coincides with Taylor's (PRAISE THE LORD). Once she wakes, it's 4 hours until bedtime! Sooo she slept through the night 3 nights... and now wakes up again! I'm really not complaining.  It's not a big deal.  I sleep on the couch until she wakes up. Or okay, scratch that, I stay up cleaning, working, on facebook, exercising, folding laundry, writing this blog post, until she takes or until I simply can't bear standing any longer, THEN I rest on the couch until she fusses. Then I scoop her up, nurse her and sleep on the comfiest bed in the house! haha UNTIL SHE WAKES ME AGAIN! hahaha

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours when awake and once at night.  I'm still "Momma Birding" foods and giving her fruits/veggies/table food. She loves food now and pretty much eats whatever I put on her plate.  She seems to really like meat/chicken, and she can hoover bits to pb&j and baked apple oatmeal!  ANNNND my smoothies.  She LOVES my single serve cup and massive straw. Child will seriously drink half of it!  Charlotte also now has 4 teeth! The top two have a decent gap, it's adorable! She hasn't really "bit" me yet while nursing, just kind of test nibble and I laid down the law. haha Thank you Lord that we don't have a biter so far! She also stinks at drinking water through a straw or sippy cup.  99% of the contents end up on her or she chokes on the liquid. 

Playing: Charlotte loves dumping toys and putting everything in her mouth. She's becoming a lot more vocal and enjoys "talking" while looking at board books. Slides, yes, outdoor slides.  The fridge magnets are always on the floor, as is the "dishwasher contents" from the kitchen set.  Charlottttte! Sand is also a favoriting ine, haha but she HATES slime and cries when you try to have her touch it.  She's starting to crawl and "wrestle" Daddy and the big girls more! It's cute to see her play with them!  Chunka is only 7lbs away from Taylor and she's pretty good and lay into her! haha Watch out T!

Big Sisters:  Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor is now Brooke's right hand man of the nicknames (along with saying NO to me, a lot and talking in a baby voice).  Without further ado... Mink Minks, Ammie Georgo, Shawlet, DohDoh, DoDoo, brief butt, Miss Miss Lady Britches .  I'm sure I'm leaving some out but, there ya go! hahaha! This poor child probably has NO CLUE WHAT HER ACTUAL NAME IS! haha Brooke is amazing, most days.  She can be so sweet, helpful, compassionate, and inquisitive.  Other days... Lord help meeeeeeee.  Squealing and taunting Taylor, annoying Charlotte and not listening to a thing I say and fussing/whining a lot.  But gracious, I love her! She's learning a lot and growing like crazy.  I put a lot of pressure on her. I need to stop.  I do it without really noticing, so a lot of times, I try try try to get on her level and let her wings open, and soar.  She has a BEAUTIFUL mind and a crazy vivid imagination!  Taylor.  Y'all. She may be cute, but chick is wearing me thin!  The NO Mommy's and the whining and fussing and getting super emotional for no good reason.  And the, feed me, and let me take 45 minutes to eat two bites of food. But I can't even tellllll you about her bond with Charlotte. She. loves. her sister.  Taylor wants to be near Charlotte, always! I mean B and T play, but Charlotte and T are tight.  Speaking of T.  She's fearless in new situations and makes friends with ease. Brooke is reserved and would rather just play with herself. I'm really having baby fever. But I can't fathom 4.  I feel soooooooooooooooooo bewildered now how I'm going to have enough to give to these 3.  Not stuff, but wisdom, and patience.  You know, the one on one attention, the teenage years and the individual attention to let them know that I know them, and I want to help them flourish. Every time I look into their eyes, I'm amazed.  Charles is never included in this, haha sorry love.  But you're amazing too shug.  Thanks for being all in and loving our sweet little ladies! Congrats on losing 30 lbs in 3 months too! 

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