Sunday, August 27, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 10 months

Height: 27" 
Weight: 19lbs 9oz

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Charlotte is attached to me, still, but is finding a bit more freedom with her new found confidence in standing.  She can stand for a good 30 seconds without holding on to anything!  I just keep waiting for her to try to move her feet! She is also into dumping toys and making a mess (which royally stresses this Momma out) but it keeps her entertained and off me while I fix dinner, so we go with it!  Ladies and gentlemen... Charlotte now LOVES the bathtub! PRAISE THE LORRRRRD! Hallelujah! Haha this little lady is also exploring with clapping and talking. Everything is "BUH" from Brooke, to fan, to toy, "BUH" it is! 

Dislikes: If Mommy isn't near she's not happy.  She also gets pretty darn ticked when you take something away from her that she's not suppose to be chewing on (shoe, small toy, toothbrush, toys Brooke and Taylor leave on the floor, mulch, sand, etc.). Hmmmm putting on jammies is a new struggle. Charlotte isn't a fan of getting changed before bedtime.  Also, she won't snuggle before bed, she just wants to be put down to rest.  Car rides, strollers, and shopping carts pail in comparison to my arms and HEAVEN FORBID I stand up to put away something when we're playing.  Oh silly girl!

Sleeping: Two naps a day.  2-3-4 schedule.  Wakes around 6:30, naps 2 hours after she wakes up (normally an hour to 1.5 then is awake for 3 hours takes a 2 hour nap that normally coincides with Taylor's (PRAISE THE LORD). Once she wakes, it's 4 hours until bedtime! She nurses, sleeps until 11:30-2 ish, nurses, and sleeps until wake time.  90% of the time she ends up in the twin bed in her nursery with me.  She's slept through the nigh twice, but not in a row. This lady has also boycotted morning naps a bit, but generally sleeps well.

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours when awake and once at night.  I'm still "Momma Birding" foods and giving her fruits/veggies/table food. She's really not a fan of food yet.  I found out that she likes graham crackers... a lot! haha and my smoothies and kernel free part of popcorn.  Charlotte never misses a chance to chomp on an apple core or gum some juicy watermelon!  She has two bottom teeth and her top two could literally poke through ANY DAY NOW! Man oh man is she going to look cute!!! Praying she doesn't BITE ME WHILE NURSING!!! 

Playing: Charlotte loves dumping toys and putting everything in her mouth. She also likes electronic toys that play songs and attempting to pull up and climb on everything.  Slides, yes, outdoor slides.  Her little, scratch that, juicy, succulent, fantastically fabulous thighs grip on to the plastic surface and away she goes!  It's hilarious to watch her fearlessly go from bottom to top.  Taylor likes to tease her and try to come down as she's going up.  That booger. The fridge magnets are always on the floor, as is the "dishwasher contents" from the kitchen set.  Charlottttte! She loves books too. Especially turning pages in magazines, trying to rip out pages and completely destroy the bookshelf!

Big Sisters:  Soooo Taylor has joined in the nickname game! Drum roll, please! this past month Charlotte was affectionately called ... Chachie, Mink Minks, Ammie Georgo, and Taddy.  I'm sure I'm leaving some out but, there ya go! hahaha!  Brooke officially "started school" AKA we do about an hour a day of reading, writing, craft, Bible reading, geography, art, etc. She has truly grown in her interest to learn and focus.  I really enjoy our special time together.  She also is a HUGE helper for Charlotte! She's not AS wild around her (most of the time) and she can actually keep her entertained for short periods of time while I focus on dinner cooking, or tending to Taylor.  I am amazed at that sweet big girl and love, love, love how considerate she is and how her heart is bursting with Jesus.  Taylorrrrr is starting to get a little too big for her britches.  Yeahhhh we're dealing with an attitude and a half and disobedience, and periods of frustration.  But, she's 2. And she's trying to figure things out. EVERY DAY IS A LEARNING LESSON.  Praise God for his peace, patience and understanding.  Taylor and Charlotte love each other.  It's adorable!  Tay often pulls her down, steals her toy, or sits on her, and lil Mink Minks gets ticked but kinda fights back. haha due to their size similarity I feel like Charlotte see's Tay as a peer.  Goodness me.  I am amazed each day that I have the honor to pour life into these 3 ladies.  Y'all.  Even on our worst days, God is good and he shows me himself through those little faces.  Be blessed! 

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