Sunday, May 28, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 7 months

Height: 25 1/4" 
Weight: 16lbs 9oz

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Rolling. But only back to tummy, she can't do tummy to back.  She's trying her best to "crawl", so she sits, then leans forward, then kiiiiinda gets on all fours, then sits back down.  She reaches for EVERYTHING and she's incredibly grabby! We're talking Elastigirl type reaching here folks! NOTHING is safe around Charlotte! She sits in the tub now and splashes like crazy! She loves "chatting" and "singing" and gives big gummy smiles and acts coy if you give her attention.

Dislikes: If Mommy isn't near. She can sense if I'm not in her general vicinity. It's ridiculous. I do feel like she's rather "barnacle" like, but all of our ladies were like that at this age.  She also doesn't like getting clothes on or getting strapped in her car seat. Charlotte screams/kicks/grabs/etc. until you are done. It's rather irritating!  She's still not a fan of Brooke squeezing her and being all up in her face. And she will not stay in the stroller or shopping cart for long.
Sleeping: Two naps a day.  2-3-4 schedule.  Wakes around 6-7, naps 2 hours after she wakes up (normally an hour to 2) then is awake for 3 hours takes a 2 hour nap that normally coincides with Taylor's (PRAISE THE LORD). Once she wakes, it's 4 hours until bedtime! She nurses, sleeps until 11:30-2 ish, nurses, and sleeps until wake time.  90% of the time she ends up in the twin bed in her nursery with me.  Momma needs sleep too and her squishy snuggles are the BEST!

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours when awake and once, maybe twice a night.  I'm trying her on foods now (pouches, applesauce, bananas, avocado, sweet potato) or anything I'm eating and choose to Momma Bird (chew up and feed to her).  Grandaddy really wanted to feed her ice cream the other day... chick was reaching for it! haha! I normally feed her a tad bit at lunch and dinner (after I nurse her).  I loveeee that she likes to lay down and nurse.  Afterwards she chats/sings/plays, it's adorable! 

Playing: I'm basically holding her all the time (helping her sit, helping her roll over, holding her at dinner, holding her while we walk/go places) still!  She's getting mobile and it's funny and frustrating! She likes to sit in a swing at the park, she enjoys always having something to hold/nom on.  She likes looking in the mirror, singing to music, and playing peek a boo under a blanket.  Charlotte is also pretty curious about animals and likes it when we do a "monster voice" talk in a scratchy low voice.  Brooke is discovered this for us, haha!

Big Sisters: Scrunchose-e-Munchose (while not to gently squeezing her thighs), picky booty, and Moo May are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is still crazy and loud around Charlotte most days. But she is also VERY sweet and loving. She's super helpful and always takes the initiative to cheer up Charlotte if she's fussing.  The other day she fed Charlotte some of a pouch on a spoon. It was adorable! She was soooo proud!  Taylor and Charlotte have a unique bond.  Tay is calm and gentle around her and connects to her. Charlotte never seems scared or guarded around Taylor (eventhough T snatches her toys, lays on her, and knocks her down quite a bit).  All 3 of them are amazing. We often get stopped at stores. Most of the time, they are on their best manners other days... all bets are off folks.  I like this current stage, though I'm not going to lie, it's challenging.  These girls love each other, but also know juuuuust what to do to annoy each other and set Mommy off like a firework! Dear Lord, please give me your mercies new each and and continue to remind me to release my plans and expectations and look expectantly for your direction and discipline each day. 

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